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In the spring of things...

Hooray - I think the winter is finally over but we're now jumping into pre-summer in NYC. Spring, what's that?!? Unfortunately my building sometimes has the heat on for the occasional chilly nights we've had so relying on my window AC unit has not been fun (and by not fun, I mean I am afraid to see that ConEd bill). 

So here's my reality, I've been working A LOT. Like a lot a lot... Transferred to a new store about a month ago and been focusing on doin' my thang over there. Oddly enough, I love working in the Midtown East/edge of the UES. Bloomies is across the street, the H&M is decent, and there's some nice places to sit outside on my lunch break.

My usual lunch break spot on the corner of 57th and Lex.
Upside of the gorgeous weather we're having, it was perfect day to go to Central Park. By the time I arrived a little before 7pm, the air had cooled off a bit and the sun had disappeared just enough to make me not risk turning into lobster status. #porcelainproblems 

Hello, my pretty.

And last but not least, I've finally ordered a wireless remote for my Nikon so I'm finally going to be posting some outfit photos for y'all! Now I really need to scope out some great locations in my 'hood for outfit posts. Stay tuned...