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It's about to go down...

Dear Mom,
THANK YOU for being my blog's #1 fan. I appreciate it immensely for you reading and supporting my creative endeavors. That being said, I'm about to get a bit REAL on here. I've always taglined this as a FASHION + BEAUTY + LIFE blog and yet I've always posted more along the lines of fashion and beauty. After a couple discussions with my friends, I've also decided to share some tidbits about my life especially on the dating front. I've got some funny stories... I am also considering a YouTube series titled "Tinder With Lindsay" #TinderWithLindsay providing my commentary on what's out there (or not out there) on the Tinder-verse. But back to you Mom, I love you. Please don't take offense to what your daughter dearest here is writing and sharing. Let's face it, I am a little quirky like you and while I haven't necessarily had a "Cadillac Bill," I've had my fare share of oddities and interesting. Dating in NYC is hard, y'all.

If you ever wondered WHY cloning is illegal - this is why... Love you! 
So that being said, it's going down y'all... Welcome to the good, the bad, and the ugly of dating in NYC and my adventures of my life up here.