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Snow day! #Snowmaggedon2015

We're having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave...

That line is the farthest from the truth... Instead the NYC metro area has the potential for blizzard-like conditions and apparently this storm has been named Juno and has created a wave of #snowmaggedon2015 posts on the social media circuits. Upside is that I acquired an unexpected day off work and I'm curious to see what tomorrow may bring. 

I took a walk around my Bronx 'hood this afternoon to my favorite little park Muskrat Cove and enjoyed the snow, the solitude, and discovered some killer graffiti. It amazes me what can be created with a can of spray paint!

These snow boots were worth every (affordable) penny! You can find them HERE.
My favorite spot to sit when it's nice out and not snowing.
The Bronx River

This shot I also featured on my Instagram - @SthrnChrmNYsass
Fell in love with this quote: Stay Humble & Live Noble 

It's amazing to re-discover what's in your own back yard... Except when you live in NYC, you don't have back yards so you consider the closest park as your back yard. I can't wait to re-explore this area with my Nikon D3200 (didn't want to take "my baby" out in the snow today so I shot with my iPhone 5 instead).