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Happy New Year - Day 2 of 365

Happy New Year, y'all! Hello to 2015... I survived 2014 but just barely it seems. Each New Year's Eve I think this is going to be the year I'm going to get "settled." This is going to be "my year." Well, this was my third New Year's Eve spent "up here" (as in "up north" and away from VA). The eve of 2013 I spent with my pal Jessica at the local pub nearby, the eve of 2014 I spent it with my then-beau M and some fab people on the UES. This year I spent it at home, in bed, with my cat, some Netflix, and a bottle of Redd's Apple Ale. This year was a year to reflect, to breathe in, to let my past go and focus on the future. No kisses at midnight, no fancy parties, none of that. Just me and my cat. And I was OK with that!

Last night was my chance to celebrate a little bit. Met a girlfriend of mine who's become more and more of a soul sister at a bar uptown and had a celebratory Vodka Sprite.

And finally, last but not least - saw this adorable inspiration collage via the South Moon Under blog and I couldn't resist sharing. Happy New Year, y'all!