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The Perfect "Skinny Jeans"?

Confession - I used to be premium denim snob. Citizens of Humanity was my favorite high-end denim brand - I absolutely loved their Avedon skinny jeans but I was lucky enough to score them on sale/with my discount when I used to work in apparel. Nowadays I know a lot of fashion bloggers swear by the Old Navy The Rockstar skinnies but I personally haven't tried a pair yet.

On a whim I grabbed a pair of the Slim-Fit Treggings a couple weeks ago while at my local H&M and they've quickly become my new fave. The stretchy material is perfectly comfortable like a legging but still has some structure like traditional pair of jeans. I have yet to try their stretch twill version but wearing these make me not want to wear my other denim except for boyfriend jeans. They are beyond comfortable and I've accidentally napped in them. Perhaps they're a less cheesy version than pajama jeans? And who doesn't love the under $20 price tag (MSRP $17.95)?!?

The Perfect Skinny Jean? Maybe so...

My only gripe is I wish they came in a petite... The length is fine for tucking into boots but I think I will need a trip to the tailor before spring to wear with pumps and flats. The legging-esque waistband is awesome too because it doesn't dig into winters squishy bits and let's face it, I never do that fashion blogger half tuck thing anyways so my waistband is never visible. So a win-win for me!

Snow day! #Snowmaggedon2015

We're having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave...

That line is the farthest from the truth... Instead the NYC metro area has the potential for blizzard-like conditions and apparently this storm has been named Juno and has created a wave of #snowmaggedon2015 posts on the social media circuits. Upside is that I acquired an unexpected day off work and I'm curious to see what tomorrow may bring. 

I took a walk around my Bronx 'hood this afternoon to my favorite little park Muskrat Cove and enjoyed the snow, the solitude, and discovered some killer graffiti. It amazes me what can be created with a can of spray paint!

These snow boots were worth every (affordable) penny! You can find them HERE.
My favorite spot to sit when it's nice out and not snowing.
The Bronx River

This shot I also featured on my Instagram - @SthrnChrmNYsass
Fell in love with this quote: Stay Humble & Live Noble 

It's amazing to re-discover what's in your own back yard... Except when you live in NYC, you don't have back yards so you consider the closest park as your back yard. I can't wait to re-explore this area with my Nikon D3200 (didn't want to take "my baby" out in the snow today so I shot with my iPhone 5 instead).

Inspire Me

Dear Universe,
I want to be creatively inspired again.
Love, Lindsay

I struggle with this a lot - what to write, what direction to go in, how do I want to take my blog to the next level. I live and work in one of the most creative, unique cities ever yet I'm trying to find my mojo. My creativity is slowly developing professionally as I have taken on a visual lead role (department of responsibility) at my job in addition to my everyday management duties. Yet I need to develop it here...

Fellow bloggers - any help? Ideas? Suggestions? Maybe I need some IRL blogger friends? Who knows... But I just want to be INSPIRED again. How do y'all do it when you're in a slump? 

ps. I did score new biz cards at least...

Happy New Year - Day 2 of 365

Happy New Year, y'all! Hello to 2015... I survived 2014 but just barely it seems. Each New Year's Eve I think this is going to be the year I'm going to get "settled." This is going to be "my year." Well, this was my third New Year's Eve spent "up here" (as in "up north" and away from VA). The eve of 2013 I spent with my pal Jessica at the local pub nearby, the eve of 2014 I spent it with my then-beau M and some fab people on the UES. This year I spent it at home, in bed, with my cat, some Netflix, and a bottle of Redd's Apple Ale. This year was a year to reflect, to breathe in, to let my past go and focus on the future. No kisses at midnight, no fancy parties, none of that. Just me and my cat. And I was OK with that!

Last night was my chance to celebrate a little bit. Met a girlfriend of mine who's become more and more of a soul sister at a bar uptown and had a celebratory Vodka Sprite.

And finally, last but not least - saw this adorable inspiration collage via the South Moon Under blog and I couldn't resist sharing. Happy New Year, y'all!