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Wet n' Wild's "Reserve Your Cabana" - The Non-Bronzer "Bronzer"

Truth be told, I bought this "bronzer" to use as an eyeshadow. Even as a self-professed makeup fanatic, I've gotten a little lazy and my eye makeup routine has consisted of the following steps:
  1. Apply eye primer or some sort of creamy shadow for "grip." (Note, I've already applied my concealer/foundation/powder/etc allover my face including eyes.) 
  2. Brush a light neutral eyeshadow allover from lid to brow for each eye.
  3. Apply liquid liner as close as possible to upper lash line on one eye.
  4. Quickly take a smudge brush and blend/smudge in liner to upper lashline.
  5. Using same brush, smudge remains of liquid liner on the brush onto the lower lash line.
  6. Repeat same liner method on other eye.
  7. Curl eyelashes if I remember to...
  8. Apply a ton of mascara (this mascara is my new fave)!
If I am feeling fancy, I will attempt to draw some sort of cat eye "tail" with more liquid liner over the liquid liner I previously smudged. However with allergy season, any sort of decorative "cat eye tail" is often sniffled away so I skip that part. Also regarding fancy-ness, sometimes I will set the smudged liquid liner with a powder shadow such as a grey or purple color. Some days you get the smudging part just right that you don't even bother to worry about adding any color. I've gotten fairly talented with applying my liner and mascara on the train!

Wet n Wild at ShopStyle

I'm definitely am loving this Wet 'n Wild "Reserve Your Cabana" ColorIcon Bronzer SPF15 as a neutral eyeshadow and a face highlighter too. The under $5 price tag is awesome for the amount of product you receive too! This product is definitely going to be a staple in my makeup bag all year and I love that it has SPF too.