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Memorial Day Sunday Sale Shopping - Printed Pants

I've got the feels for some printed pants y'all... And they're all sale goodies from Chico's!

I'm pretty sure these are sold out online but you might get lucky and find the Hash Dot Ankle Pant at your local boutique. Most of the markdown pants are on sale for $19.99 through Memorial Day - who doesn't love pants for under $20!
Chico's at ShopStyle

Polka dots with mini-stripes inside the polka dots? Two of my favorite prints combined into one with the Printed Dot Ankle Pant - I think I'm in love! They're also a $19.99 pair - jump on it!
Chico's at ShopStyle

These Black Label Printed Slouchy Pants are not a part of the $19.99 sale but I'm still tempted by the gorgeous blue and white print...
Chico's at ShopStyle

If you've never purchased pants at Chico's before, here's a quick size reference - I personally wear between a 00 and a 0 with Chico's unique sizing.

00 - Misses/Ladies Size 2
0 - Misses/Ladies Size 4
0.5 - Misses/Ladies Size 6
1 - Misses/Ladies Size 8
1.5  - Misses/Ladies Size 10
2 - Misses/Ladies Size 12
2.5 - Misses/Ladies Size 14
3 - Misses/Ladies Size 16

DISCLOSURE: The content of this post is my own opinion/thoughts and is not a reflection or representation of the opinions/beliefs of my employer (Chico's FAS).