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A Fashion Friendly PSA - Leggings Are NOT Pants

Dear Internet,

Thank you for this lovely diagram.


via Buzzfeed
As a self-proclaimed fashion expert, I've declared time and time again that LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. I repeat, leggings are not pants. Yes, I am a leggings enthusiast on multiple occasions but I have two simple requests when wearing leggings:

1) Are your lady parts covered by your shirt/tunic/dress etc?
2) Is your butt covered by the same article of clothing mentioned above?

If you are meeting both of those qualifications, you may proceed onward and have a nice day. If not, please invest in a longer shirt. Unless you're at the gym, I have no intentions of seeing your booty through your leggings. 

My favorite "day off ensemble" with leggings has been the VS Pink Essential V-Neck Tee paired with an LA Made Deep Scoop Tank underneath. On my 5'1" frame, the two pieces together are long enough to have "all my parts covered" and then I throw on my jean jacket and I'm out the door.

If you're looking for more inspiration on why leggings are NOT pants, check out this Pinterest board. Trust me, save your butt. Say no to wearing leggings as pants.