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Memorial Day Sunday Sale Shopping - Printed Pants

I've got the feels for some printed pants y'all... And they're all sale goodies from Chico's!

I'm pretty sure these are sold out online but you might get lucky and find the Hash Dot Ankle Pant at your local boutique. Most of the markdown pants are on sale for $19.99 through Memorial Day - who doesn't love pants for under $20!
Chico's at ShopStyle

Polka dots with mini-stripes inside the polka dots? Two of my favorite prints combined into one with the Printed Dot Ankle Pant - I think I'm in love! They're also a $19.99 pair - jump on it!
Chico's at ShopStyle

These Black Label Printed Slouchy Pants are not a part of the $19.99 sale but I'm still tempted by the gorgeous blue and white print...
Chico's at ShopStyle

If you've never purchased pants at Chico's before, here's a quick size reference - I personally wear between a 00 and a 0 with Chico's unique sizing.

00 - Misses/Ladies Size 2
0 - Misses/Ladies Size 4
0.5 - Misses/Ladies Size 6
1 - Misses/Ladies Size 8
1.5  - Misses/Ladies Size 10
2 - Misses/Ladies Size 12
2.5 - Misses/Ladies Size 14
3 - Misses/Ladies Size 16

DISCLOSURE: The content of this post is my own opinion/thoughts and is not a reflection or representation of the opinions/beliefs of my employer (Chico's FAS).

Outfit Inspiration - Striped Up

I'm straight up obsessed (or should I say striped up... hah) with this boxy navy and white striped tee from Chico's. Pair it with white pants, nude wedges, and some fun jewelry - I think this could be the perfect spring outfit for brunch with the girls or a coffee date with the fella.

Sunday Shoe Lust - The Quest For The Perfect Black Sandal

I want a pair of simple black elegant heels with one substantial strap across the toe and a strap around the ankle. Minimal yet sexy, right? But my searching through ShopStyle and Google has produced a plethora of sky-high pairs but nothing visually appealing in a 3-ish-inch heel height (a girl's gotta walk).

While I'm envisioning a stiletto-esque heel, these Seychelle's "Thyme" wedges from DSW aren't half bad and apparently the reviews note that this style runs wide which is a bonus for me (sorry skinny footed gals).
Seychelles at ShopStyle

As much as I'm tempted to add these Nine West "Perlita" kitten-heel sandals into my Nordstrom Rack shopping cart, I fear they may not be wide enough... I once had a gorgeous pair of Nine West pumps that ended up being too narrow and I gifted to a friend. So in the back of my mind I am still Nine West-phobic. Le sigh.

These White House Black Market "Black Silver Chain Low Heel" sandals are close to perfect minus the chain detail - it would most likely limit me to only wear silver jewelry with said shoes.
White House Black Market at ShopStyle

I like the looks of these H&M High-Heeled Sandals as well but I have reservations on the chunkiness of the heel. I'd have to see them in person! Has anyone seen these at their local H&M?
If there's a favorite heel of yours that's not too high and super comfy - I'd love your suggestions!

Wet n' Wild's "Reserve Your Cabana" - The Non-Bronzer "Bronzer"

Truth be told, I bought this "bronzer" to use as an eyeshadow. Even as a self-professed makeup fanatic, I've gotten a little lazy and my eye makeup routine has consisted of the following steps:
  1. Apply eye primer or some sort of creamy shadow for "grip." (Note, I've already applied my concealer/foundation/powder/etc allover my face including eyes.) 
  2. Brush a light neutral eyeshadow allover from lid to brow for each eye.
  3. Apply liquid liner as close as possible to upper lash line on one eye.
  4. Quickly take a smudge brush and blend/smudge in liner to upper lashline.
  5. Using same brush, smudge remains of liquid liner on the brush onto the lower lash line.
  6. Repeat same liner method on other eye.
  7. Curl eyelashes if I remember to...
  8. Apply a ton of mascara (this mascara is my new fave)!
If I am feeling fancy, I will attempt to draw some sort of cat eye "tail" with more liquid liner over the liquid liner I previously smudged. However with allergy season, any sort of decorative "cat eye tail" is often sniffled away so I skip that part. Also regarding fancy-ness, sometimes I will set the smudged liquid liner with a powder shadow such as a grey or purple color. Some days you get the smudging part just right that you don't even bother to worry about adding any color. I've gotten fairly talented with applying my liner and mascara on the train!

Wet n Wild at ShopStyle

I'm definitely am loving this Wet 'n Wild "Reserve Your Cabana" ColorIcon Bronzer SPF15 as a neutral eyeshadow and a face highlighter too. The under $5 price tag is awesome for the amount of product you receive too! This product is definitely going to be a staple in my makeup bag all year and I love that it has SPF too.

Bag Lady (Part Deux)

One of the perks of working at a mall includes being surrounded by fashion. You peek at the window displays as you're walking to your store for your shift, a coffee break could induce a trip to Sephora, and you've become pals with fellow managers on your "block."

This ALDO Seidenbecker tote recently caught my eye when I stopped in to see a manager pal of mine. I'm smitten with the fabulous tropical print and the $40 affordable price tag. It didn't resemble a "cheap bag."

Aldo at ShopStyle

I took a close-up photo of the print... Floral and tropical? FABULOUS. I like that there's a mix of both bright and muted colors in the print.

Since I also have a slight obsession with stripes, I am also digging this version too! The navy and white is pretty but wish it was a black and white stripe!

Aldo at ShopStyle

Floral or stripe - what's your favorite?

OOTD: Off The Beaten Path

This afternoon I took a moment to utilize the self-timer on an iPhone camera app and took some OOTD photos that weren't of the "mirror selfie" variety. There's a bike path/walking trail near me that I felt would be a good spot to take some outfit photos. Yes, it's off the beaten path but especially when wearing heels but it was a nice venue to play around with the self timer on the GorillaCam app. 

Jacket - Chico's
Heather Grey Tee - VS Pink
Black Tank (layered underneath) - LA Made (via South Moon Under last year)
Denim - Blank NYC (via South Moon Under last year - link is to a similar Blank NYC pair)
Shoes - Vince Camuto (via Nordstrom a few years back - link is to a similar pair)

Yes, I'm aware that graffiti is illegal but I couldn't resist taking a photo of the colorful artwork as well...

A Fashion Friendly PSA - Leggings Are NOT Pants

Dear Internet,

Thank you for this lovely diagram.


via Buzzfeed
As a self-proclaimed fashion expert, I've declared time and time again that LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. I repeat, leggings are not pants. Yes, I am a leggings enthusiast on multiple occasions but I have two simple requests when wearing leggings:

1) Are your lady parts covered by your shirt/tunic/dress etc?
2) Is your butt covered by the same article of clothing mentioned above?

If you are meeting both of those qualifications, you may proceed onward and have a nice day. If not, please invest in a longer shirt. Unless you're at the gym, I have no intentions of seeing your booty through your leggings. 

My favorite "day off ensemble" with leggings has been the VS Pink Essential V-Neck Tee paired with an LA Made Deep Scoop Tank underneath. On my 5'1" frame, the two pieces together are long enough to have "all my parts covered" and then I throw on my jean jacket and I'm out the door.

If you're looking for more inspiration on why leggings are NOT pants, check out this Pinterest board. Trust me, save your butt. Say no to wearing leggings as pants.

Bag Lady

I adore my Pietro Alessandro "Manhattan" bag - this purse holds just about all of my essentials.
via South Moon Under

But some days I long for something bigger to carry my lunch, my Chromebook, and maybe an extra pair of shoes while not having to carry an additional bag of sorts...

I've been eyeing this Madewell Transport tote as I've seen it on Kendi Everyday many times.
Madewell at ShopStyle

This Le Sportsac Everygirl tote has caught my eye!
Le Sport Sac at ShopStyle
I'm also digging the neutral color on this Le Sportsac - looks like it'd go with everything!
Le Sport Sac at ShopStyle

Oh hello Marc by Marc Jacobs. I like you. Though my wallet begs to differ.
Marc by Marc Jacobs at ShopStyle
For a more budget friendly version, I've also found this Reversible Vegan Leather Oversized Tote Bag at UO.
Urban Outfitters at ShopStyle
Also Free People has a Slouchy Vegan Tote and it has a laptop sleeve according to the reviews... 
Free People at ShopStyle

What's your favorite carry-it-all-and-then some tote my friends?
ps. Mom, I have not purchased any of these yet. Just doing some friendly internet window shopping.

UPDATE: Mom has suggested I'd spring for the Madewell tote if I was to spend the money. Thanks Mom!