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#MakeupMonday - My new "foundation" obsession.

While on a rather quick jaunt back home to good ole #RVA for Thanksgiving, my mother gave me a leftover bit of her foundation because I was "complaining" of my foundation woes. My skin is truly combination - one minute it's dry and patchy, the next minute I've got less of a glow and more of an oil slick happening. Though as I am getting older, I'm realizing that foundations for oily skin are way too drying for me. Something about this CoverGirl & Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Liquid Foundation works with my skin... And it's a DREAM to apply with both fingers or my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (review on that brush coming soon... I need to buy another one to use for powders).


I've been setting my makeup with a bit of Wet n' Wild's CoverAll Pressed Powder but tempted to try out the CoverGirl Advanced Radiance Age Defying Pressed Powder as it might be a bit more moisturizing especially when setting foundation/concealer in the eye area. Has anyone tried these or has a fave makeup setting powder?

Vested Interest

Last year when I worked for Chico's, I acquired this fabulous black faux-fur vest that was lurking on the sale rack... It's now become one of my fall essentials for staying cozy yet fashionable as my current job is often chilly on occasion as we have the cool air coming in from the city streets. This vest was definitely worth the $40-something I think I had a paid for it as I wear it at least a few times a week.

Please pardon the mirror selfie...
I've realized I want to add a few more vests to my collection... These first two are from Chico's and you can also get 2.0% cash back with eBates (yes, that's my referral link and trust me, it's worth it to get the widget for your browser). I definitely love that fatigue green faux-suede, I think it would pair nicely with all the black in my closet. The second vest looks like a faux-shearling with a fur collar - another cozy yet chic piece!

Chico's Faux-Suede Drape Vest (also available in Petite

Chico's Faux-Fur Collar Vest 

I did purchase this UNIQLO Women's Ultra Light Down Vest - it's been the perfect layering piece for some chilly days we've had but it's also fitted enough to wear under some of my jackets for some extra core warmth. I scored mine when UNIQLO was having their Ridge Hill anniversary sale. It's great paired with this UNIQLO fleece jacket for when I'm headed to the gym though I might have to bust out my North Face fleece soon! It's getting cold out y'all! I do like the UNIQLO vest for my days off work too for a casual look.

UNIQLO Ultra Light Down Vest
What are some of your favorite vests for fall? I've also seen a few at H&M I've had my eye on as well!

Petite? Need pants?

To my 5'4" and under petite pals - I've found THE PERFECT PANT and they're on sale! Run to the petites section at your nearest Macy's and see if you can stumble upon a pair of these Style&co. Skinny Pull-On Tummy Control Pants. I have really short legs and I adore that these are available in a petite short length. The "regular" petite length was just a bit too long and the short length transforms them into the perfect ankle pant to wear with booties.

Oh so stretchy goodness... Thank you Style&Co. and Macy's.
The fabric resembles a stretchy dress pants material but with the comfort of a legging. There's also a seam down the back that adds a bit of flair to the design as well. And the fact they're only $12.99 and you know Macy's always has a coupon code... I just joined eBates and you can earn 3.5% cash back at Macy's and find coupon codes too! I took the advice of A from Looks Good From The Back and finally joined the eBates bandwagon after seeing her mention it on her awesome blog so many times.

And still trying to find a balance for working, living life, and blogging at the same time. Yesterday I was off work but took a "sick day" instead of doing what I needed to do to ward off an impending cold and sleep all day. I may or may not have had a slight hangover as a result of Tricia's birthday happy hour on Monday. It's sad how two cocktails can really make me feel like hell the next morning. We went to The Park and I partook in a Southern Belle which consisted of George Dickel Rye, Mint Lemonade, Orange Bitters, and Homemade Sour. Yum. So good. Anything with the name "Southern" in it, I have to try! Y'all know it!
Oh look, a Southern Belle!

#OOTD - Twinning

Denim shirt, check. Leather skirt, check. Amazing shoes, check. Smiles, check. Great minds think alike as my coworker and I totally were "twinning" today at work! In case you didn't get the memo, pairing your denim shirt with a leather skirt is a must do as I love that combines textures and styles in a reverse way. Any fashionista has no qualms about pairing her favorite leather jacket with a pair of great jeans but I loved that idea but in reverse. As my fashion style ever evolves, I'm discovering I like mixing textures even more. I think this may be one of my favorite outfits I've worn to work in the last month. I also branched out by embracing the midi-skirt trend - this leather skirt was a gift from my BFF Michelle's closet clean out and as much as I'm tempted to alter it to make it above the knee, I love that it's on trend and on point for the moment. Add a berry lip and a smile and you're set! 

Myself and the lovely Tati!
Details: H&M Denim Shirt / "Vintage" Ann Taylor Leather Skirt (similar) / Nine West Galaxy Lace Up Booties

ps. Tati is a vintage and thrifting queen but her shoes are these! I need to get on her level - she has these amazing killer vintage blazers! 

Makeup Monday: Keeping It Easy

I could be described as a low-maintenance "high-maintenance gal." As in I'd like to look as good as possible but have it not take forever to do so. My eye shadow routine at the moment is so easy but looks pretty snazzy to any passerby. If I have the opportunity to add something easy to my makeup and skincare routine, I am all for it. So here's a few easy beauty must haves that I've incorporated to my routine.

Wet n' Wild MegaSlicks Balm Stain - Rico Mauve
This Wet n' Wild gem isn't as moisturizing as my Smith's Rosebud Salve lip balm but it doesn't completely dry my lips out. The color starts out as a pretty mauve color but turns into bright pink stain over time. I've also used this balm stain as cheek stain as well - apply a swipe to each cheekbone and blend with a finger. You can't go wrong with a multi-purpose product that you can find at the drugstore!

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser - Normal to Oily Skin
There's a reason why this cleanser has won 17 awards - it's simple, easy to use, and get's the job done. Since my skin is a bit on the oily side at times, I prefer the normal to oily skin version. If your skin is normal to dry, check out the original Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I wash my face twice with the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser at night - first time to remove makeup and another round to actually clean my skin. Your skin is your largest organ so you might as well take care of it. I love that it does a great job of removing my makeup including eyeliner and mascara.

NeriumAD Age Defying Treatment & NeriumAD Age Defying Day Cream
I love how easy Nerium is - after washing my face at night, I apply 4-5 pumps of the NeriumAD Age Defying Treatment to damp skin and done. In the morning I was my face again, pat with a towel, and apply the NeriumAD day cream and done. I'm already noticing a change of texture in my skin and smaller pores so that's an awesome feeling. If you're in the #NYC area and would like a free sample for to try Nerium, please comment on this post. If you're not in the NYC area, the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the products. How many skincare companies offers a guarantee if the product doesn't work for you? Pretty awesome huh? For more info, check www.LindsayEllen.Nerium.com or leave a comment. I'd love to tell you more!

"Pre-Fall" Wardrobe Obsessions

Labor Day has come and gone and now we are officially into September and unofficially into fall!

September is a tricky month for the NYC area - warm days and often cool nights makes dressing a bit of a challenge. Since starting the new job, I'm scanning my closet to see what I can utilize in my current wardrobe to look fashionable yet managerial at the same time! I have a bit of flexibility in my styling - business casual with flare might be a good description! But here's a few things that I'd love to add to my wardrobe...

Nine West "Jarrad" Ankle Booties

I know the black is practical but I'm also lusting over the taupe suede color in these "Jarrad" booties by Nine West.

Nine West Genevieve Booties
I want to wear all black and have these as my "kick." Black leather leggings and black tunic sweater paired with an amazing gold necklace seems to be my mental vision of the perfect outfit to pair with these navy Genevieve booties. Of course I also want the light taupe suede color too. Decisions, decisions. I tried them on yesterday at my store and they are so comfy!

H&M Pattern-Knit Sweater
While it's not a tunic sweater as mentioned above, this H&M sweater is the perfect transitional piece from summer to fall... The knit is much more looser and "light" in person vs. the product photo. Side note, having two H&M's within a 5 minute walk in opposite directions of my workplace may be the death of me and my wallet. Upside, it's great window shopping for potential blogging ideas. Downside, I'm trying to resist the urge to buy EVERYTHING.

H&M Plum Circle Skirt
While I will always continue to be obsessed with black, this plum circle skirt would be perfect to pair with all black - tights, booties, tee, and maybe a moto jacket? Loves.

In other news, I need new leggings. This year I'm thinking about trying the Style&Co. Petite Ankle-Length leggings at Macy's because I'm 5'1" and I'm tired of having extra fabric bunching at the ankles. I love Hue leggings but wish they made a petite style and their crop legging is a weird length!

What's on your must-have list for fall? 

ps. Are we friends yet?

Dream it, then do it.

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a lot going on and some major changes had happened in my life. I left my assistant manager job for professional and personal reasons, I launched my Nerium skincare business, and then proceeded to apply to a plethora of jobs! I love the opportunities and challenges of being a business owner but I knew that I wanted the income from that to build a big nest egg with and thus I needed full-time work. After a plethora of interviews with various retailers, I took a chance and cancelled an interview to have an immediate second interview with a company I truly could envision myself at. I'm normally not one to cancel interviews but I had a feeling and I've learned to trust my instinct. After my fourth interview last Thursday, I received the call. As someone who spent the last few weeks job hunting, receiving the "we would love you to join our team" phone call is THE BEST FEELING EVER. It was one of those moments where I almost burst into a happy dance at H&M as I was doing a little post-interview browsing... Obviously a plethora of phone calls and texts occurred and then pleasant feeling of "damn... it feels good to be wanted."

That being said, I am pleased to announce I am joining the management team as an assistant manager for a flagship shoe store in NYC. Shoes are a girl's best friend - I can't wait to start on Monday! My birthday was last week and receiving that job phone call was the perfect present! Though last week was filled with all sorts of goodness - birthday dinner on the Hudson, beers with a few good friends on my official birthday, and of course receiving the job offer.

One thing I've learned from the last year is to let go of the bad, to bring in the good. Life happens, there are things beyond your control. But you can control yourself - your thoughts, your actions, your positive thinking. I spent a good portion of the last year (especially in May and June), not feeling good about my self, that I wasn't worthy. I've always struggled with self esteem issues whether dealing with social status and friendships, my weight, or at the very core - not loving myself.  Yes, I've lost 40 pounds and I am working on getting into even better shape. Yes, I've gone through a plethora of hairstyles the last year from a mohawk to a pixie cut to the short bob I'm rocking now. Yes, I went from funky fashionable to a little more "buttoned up" and now I may be somewhere in between? Yes, I loved someone with my whole heart though deep down I knew it probably wouldn't work. Yes, I did all things things to alter my appearance and I loved because I thought it would make me better. The reality is it didn't do anything to make me better. Towards the end of May until July 2 was one of the tougher times of my life emotionally, physically, and mentally. I cried so much. I was miserable. I hated my job most days, my relationship had ended, I questioned my own values. My counselor did an amazing job to help me learn my "triggers" and to value my own self worth. On the evening of July 2, I quit my job. I couldn't do it anymore. My pride and passion towards my work was gone.

The last (almost) month it's been a journey - I am re-developing my confidence. My self worth is dependent on ME. I am a leader. I am a business owner. I am a woman. I am confident, strong, and sexy. I am beautiful and pretty. I still have issues seeing myself in the mirror sometimes but they're slowly fading. I am learning to love me. I have dreams to build my Nerium business - to earn that Lexus and the "Live Better" bonus. I am capable. I can do this. New York's a tough world but I outgrew "my pond" in Virginia. I moved up north to build a better life. To grow and to prosper. One thing that's helped with my personal development is reading Jeff Olson's The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness. My own growth may take some time but I will succeed - I will do it. Personal, professional, my own heart's growth - I will create the life I want to live. I will live it and love it. Sometimes I feel alone up here but at the end of the day I am still connected whether it's a phone call, a text, or a Facebook message.

The lesson from all this is to DREAM IT, THEN DO IT. I was so hungry, so feverish, and so eager to quit my job and I did. I let go over the bad and I am now overcome with good. Dream big. Overcome your fears and your what-if's. Let go and let God/Buddha/whomever your spiritual being is. Let it be, believe in yourself, and control your own self-worth. If you develop your inner-self, the rest will follow... New beginnings will come.

Current Obsessions - July Edition

Oh my July, you have flown by... My birthday is just around the corner to celebrate the 7th year of my 25th birthday (ha - I'm going to be 32) and July has had a lot going on. Yes, there's a separate post I need to do about what's going on in my life on a personal and professional level but for now, let's focus on fashion and beauty finds for July!

J. Crew FACTORY Camo Collection Tee
Despite life in the big city now, there's a part of me who's gone hunting, fishing, and might have a little bit of "redneck" left in her blood... This t-shirt has that southern appeal but still a bit of city edge to it. I'd pair with boyfriend jeans, heels, and a funky necklace - to truly make it girly yet boyish all the same time. On the flip side, I think it'd look equally fabulous with a girly pencil skirt and some pointy toe ballet flats.

Nine West Fontia Platform Sandal
I'm a klutz in heels fo' sure. Completely. And yet I tried these on at Nine West and I could shimmy my way around the floors in these and not feel like I was wobbly. Normally a stiletto like this scares the ever-living daylights out of me (sorry for the weird Southern expression y'all) but the 1.25" platform makes the 4.5" heel only feel like a 3-ish inch heel paired with some stability!

I've discovered the mascara combination that gives me lashes to die for... I've always had a makeup crush on the e.l.f. Mineral INFUSED Mascara but combined with Jordana's Best Lash Extreme - it results in that perfect amount of borderline drag queen volume paired with definition. I discovered the Jordana mascara through Nouveau Cheap and I haven't looked back! Trust me, Best Lash Extreme is pretty awesome on it's own but there's some sort of mascara magic when the two are paired together. I've had the most luck finding the Jordana mascara at either Duane Reed or Walgreens. I'm a happy camper that Ricky's NYC has started carrying e.l.f. but you can also find it at Target and some Walgreens!
e.l.f. Mineral INFUSED Mascara + Jordana Best Last Extreme = LOVE
And last but not least, I've launched my business with Nerium as an independent Brand Partner! I've always had an interest in skincare and beauty but I've always witnessed "meh" results with most skincare brands. I was blown away by the real science with the patented NAE-8 extract and the amazing "before and after photos." Here's just a sampling of some of the real Nerium results...
Your eyes are not playing tricks on you... Promise.
Yes, those photos are REAL and untouched - crazy huh? I feel like I look damn good for my age of almost 32 but I still have some leftover acne marks and skin texture issues I'd like to fix and the Nerium is indeed helping!
My new "secret weapon" in my skincare routine! Wash face, apply NeriumAD, and done...
So there we have it folks - while I'm going to be 32, I want to continue to look closer to 22 and that's why I decided to join the Nerium family as an independent Brand Partner. Want to know more about Nerium? Visit my website at www.LindsayEllen.TheNeriumLook.com or comment on this post!

What's in a name?

My blog has been through a couple stages of re-branding through the years. Back in Richmond, VA I was the RVAfashionista for a number of years, then I re-branded to The Retailista after moving to the tri-state area. After living in New Jersey and now New York, sometimes I felt The Retailista wasn't "me." I wanted to pay homage to my roots but to also honor the new life I'm in. Hence the name Southern Charm, New York Sass was created. And here we are... Welcome y'all!

A Fashion + Beauty + Life Blog

Are we friends yet?

Feelin' Shady

Summer is just around the corner so obviously that means adding a fresh pair of shades to your sunglasses collection, right? The BP. department at Nordstrom is my favorite spot to score some fabulous shades for $12!

Classic aviators with a twist? Check! Love the pop of color with the turquoise blue ikat print.
BP. Ikat Print Aviators

I really like how this pair of sunnies combines aspects of cat-eye, wayfayer, and round styles.
Fantas Eyes Power House 56mm Sunglasses

GLITTER! Need I say more?
Icon Eyewear 52mm Glitter Wayfarer Sunglasses

These are white hot - especially for $12, right?
Fantas Eyes "Incognito" 62mm Sunglasses

For $12 a piece, it's hard to pick just one pair... What's your favorite pair to add some shade to your day?

Memorial Day Sunday Sale Shopping - Printed Pants

I've got the feels for some printed pants y'all... And they're all sale goodies from Chico's!

I'm pretty sure these are sold out online but you might get lucky and find the Hash Dot Ankle Pant at your local boutique. Most of the markdown pants are on sale for $19.99 through Memorial Day - who doesn't love pants for under $20!
Chico's at ShopStyle

Polka dots with mini-stripes inside the polka dots? Two of my favorite prints combined into one with the Printed Dot Ankle Pant - I think I'm in love! They're also a $19.99 pair - jump on it!
Chico's at ShopStyle

These Black Label Printed Slouchy Pants are not a part of the $19.99 sale but I'm still tempted by the gorgeous blue and white print...
Chico's at ShopStyle

If you've never purchased pants at Chico's before, here's a quick size reference - I personally wear between a 00 and a 0 with Chico's unique sizing.

00 - Misses/Ladies Size 2
0 - Misses/Ladies Size 4
0.5 - Misses/Ladies Size 6
1 - Misses/Ladies Size 8
1.5  - Misses/Ladies Size 10
2 - Misses/Ladies Size 12
2.5 - Misses/Ladies Size 14
3 - Misses/Ladies Size 16

DISCLOSURE: The content of this post is my own opinion/thoughts and is not a reflection or representation of the opinions/beliefs of my employer (Chico's FAS).

Outfit Inspiration - Striped Up

I'm straight up obsessed (or should I say striped up... hah) with this boxy navy and white striped tee from Chico's. Pair it with white pants, nude wedges, and some fun jewelry - I think this could be the perfect spring outfit for brunch with the girls or a coffee date with the fella.

Sunday Shoe Lust - The Quest For The Perfect Black Sandal

I want a pair of simple black elegant heels with one substantial strap across the toe and a strap around the ankle. Minimal yet sexy, right? But my searching through ShopStyle and Google has produced a plethora of sky-high pairs but nothing visually appealing in a 3-ish-inch heel height (a girl's gotta walk).

While I'm envisioning a stiletto-esque heel, these Seychelle's "Thyme" wedges from DSW aren't half bad and apparently the reviews note that this style runs wide which is a bonus for me (sorry skinny footed gals).
Seychelles at ShopStyle

As much as I'm tempted to add these Nine West "Perlita" kitten-heel sandals into my Nordstrom Rack shopping cart, I fear they may not be wide enough... I once had a gorgeous pair of Nine West pumps that ended up being too narrow and I gifted to a friend. So in the back of my mind I am still Nine West-phobic. Le sigh.

These White House Black Market "Black Silver Chain Low Heel" sandals are close to perfect minus the chain detail - it would most likely limit me to only wear silver jewelry with said shoes.
White House Black Market at ShopStyle

I like the looks of these H&M High-Heeled Sandals as well but I have reservations on the chunkiness of the heel. I'd have to see them in person! Has anyone seen these at their local H&M?
If there's a favorite heel of yours that's not too high and super comfy - I'd love your suggestions!

Wet n' Wild's "Reserve Your Cabana" - The Non-Bronzer "Bronzer"

Truth be told, I bought this "bronzer" to use as an eyeshadow. Even as a self-professed makeup fanatic, I've gotten a little lazy and my eye makeup routine has consisted of the following steps:
  1. Apply eye primer or some sort of creamy shadow for "grip." (Note, I've already applied my concealer/foundation/powder/etc allover my face including eyes.) 
  2. Brush a light neutral eyeshadow allover from lid to brow for each eye.
  3. Apply liquid liner as close as possible to upper lash line on one eye.
  4. Quickly take a smudge brush and blend/smudge in liner to upper lashline.
  5. Using same brush, smudge remains of liquid liner on the brush onto the lower lash line.
  6. Repeat same liner method on other eye.
  7. Curl eyelashes if I remember to...
  8. Apply a ton of mascara (this mascara is my new fave)!
If I am feeling fancy, I will attempt to draw some sort of cat eye "tail" with more liquid liner over the liquid liner I previously smudged. However with allergy season, any sort of decorative "cat eye tail" is often sniffled away so I skip that part. Also regarding fancy-ness, sometimes I will set the smudged liquid liner with a powder shadow such as a grey or purple color. Some days you get the smudging part just right that you don't even bother to worry about adding any color. I've gotten fairly talented with applying my liner and mascara on the train!

Wet n Wild at ShopStyle

I'm definitely am loving this Wet 'n Wild "Reserve Your Cabana" ColorIcon Bronzer SPF15 as a neutral eyeshadow and a face highlighter too. The under $5 price tag is awesome for the amount of product you receive too! This product is definitely going to be a staple in my makeup bag all year and I love that it has SPF too.

Bag Lady (Part Deux)

One of the perks of working at a mall includes being surrounded by fashion. You peek at the window displays as you're walking to your store for your shift, a coffee break could induce a trip to Sephora, and you've become pals with fellow managers on your "block."

This ALDO Seidenbecker tote recently caught my eye when I stopped in to see a manager pal of mine. I'm smitten with the fabulous tropical print and the $40 affordable price tag. It didn't resemble a "cheap bag."

Aldo at ShopStyle

I took a close-up photo of the print... Floral and tropical? FABULOUS. I like that there's a mix of both bright and muted colors in the print.

Since I also have a slight obsession with stripes, I am also digging this version too! The navy and white is pretty but wish it was a black and white stripe!

Aldo at ShopStyle

Floral or stripe - what's your favorite?

OOTD: Off The Beaten Path

This afternoon I took a moment to utilize the self-timer on an iPhone camera app and took some OOTD photos that weren't of the "mirror selfie" variety. There's a bike path/walking trail near me that I felt would be a good spot to take some outfit photos. Yes, it's off the beaten path but especially when wearing heels but it was a nice venue to play around with the self timer on the GorillaCam app. 

Jacket - Chico's
Heather Grey Tee - VS Pink
Black Tank (layered underneath) - LA Made (via South Moon Under last year)
Denim - Blank NYC (via South Moon Under last year - link is to a similar Blank NYC pair)
Shoes - Vince Camuto (via Nordstrom a few years back - link is to a similar pair)

Yes, I'm aware that graffiti is illegal but I couldn't resist taking a photo of the colorful artwork as well...