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Current obsessions.

When in doubt, Pinterest it out. Or something like that. There's a little bit of comfort to be hanging out in bed or in your comfy chair with your ChromeBook, lurking on Pinterest, and building your fall wardrobe electronically. Some things I pin, I buy. Then there are some things I pin and lust after and think to myself "ooooooooohhhhhhhh, pretty."

I'm realizing my fall wardrobe is pretty bad off. I've added a couple plaid shirts and my cardigan collection consists of two that fit. Mind you, I have no idea how much I actually weigh but I know I've lost enough weight since last fall for some of my pieces to be too big. My last official weigh-in last November was some where around 133 lbs. if I remember correctly and I am apparently getting smaller. Sigh. Yeah, weight loss is good but there's a point where I need to quit losing. But anyways, Pinterest is my source to remember what to buy or what I'd like to buy...

Here's a few of my current obsessions:

What are you obsessing over for fall?

p.s. If anyone wants to set up my custom domain on Blogger, please let me know! The directions are more confusing than necessary!

p.s.s. If anyone wants to buy me a fall wardrobe, I'm your girl! Hahaha. I can dream, right?!?!