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Adventures in non-blogging...

Who has two thumbs and let her blog domain expire? THIS GIRL. And that lovely little message below is making me want to hurl my Chromebook down four stories to the pavement.
  1. If you have transferred your domain, you may need to modify your DNS settings to work correctly with Google Apps. Please visit our help center at http://www.google.com/support/a/ for more information.
  2. If you mistakenly let your domain expire, you can still renew theretailista.com with enom for an additional year by clicking here: (insert link that took me nowhere other than this message)
Domain has already expired, please contact customer support. 

Yeah. Except how the heck am I supposed to contact Google support because my "free Gmail account" won't let me e-mail the support for Google apps. DAFUQ?!

Apparently PMS causes me to have anger problems and to become an even more snarktastic sassy gal. Sigh. Forget Shark Week, it's Snark Week.

Other than my tech issues and my lack of blogging, life is good. Like really good.

Case in point, my job rocks... I start my new adventure of store manager for South Moon Under located at Westchester's Ridge Hill officially on Monday. Wheeeeeee!!!! I've got a great team, a great staff, and the awesome support of my company. I'm pretty stoked. Hooray for adventures!

I've been pretty lucky too that I'm dating a pretty awesome fella. Who rocks a bowtie like no other and makes me pretty darn content when I'm around him.

My cat still drives me crazy and I don't have enough art up on my walls... Work's been my priority as of late. I'm still learning balance.

And now regarding balance, I think I'm due to put some laundry away... A necessary evil I suppose...