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Confession time...

Fashion-beauty-life blogger confession time. I've never had a Brazilian wax before... In my almost 31 years, I've only had a traditional bikini wax once. I have some girlfriends that swear by their Brazilians. I don't know what all the fuss is about. I have attempted to shave it all off and it results in an itchy mess of razor bumps so I'm probably one of the few NYC ladies who actually has some fuzz below the belt.

I'm now at that point where I need to do some official upkeep again but there's enough there that I could go get waxed... And then comes the decision of do I get waxed or sugared? NYC and Westchester ladies, any suggestions on where to go if I decided to take the jump...

At least here's my current routine to keep things in check in case I need to randomly throw on a bikini. It is bikini season!

In order to prevent the 1970's from having a party in my pants, using a trimmer is crucial. I use a beard trimmer because the attachments allow me to control how much length I want. Screw that girly pink crap for hair removal, the dude stuff works so much better for keeping the fuzz in check.

And yet another dude product, the Schick Hydro 5 a.k.a. the best razor ever... Sharper and more blades equals closer shave. Obviously I use this razor for my underarms, legs, and keeping the bikini line smooth. Even if you use the clippers to "keep the bush at bay," chances are you're still going to need to shave some parts of your bikini line to rock a bikini or a Hanky Panky thong.

I'm lazy about using shaving cream. I have an el cheapo can of Barbasol that I sometimes remember to use but lately I've been using EO Everyone Soap in the lavender-aloe scent to shave with. I love that I can use it as a shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath.

I really need to go buy another bottle of Jack Black Beard Lube because this stuff is the mack-daddy for shaving. Funny name and yet another dude product but works like a charm with it's mix of jojoba, eucalyptus, and macadamia nut oils. The glide you get from your razor while using this is the shiznit. I promise!