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5 Under 50 Bucks - My NYLONshop picks

I've always loved the edge of NYLON and I'm loving their #NYLONshop even more! Cute, quirky, edgy, fun apparel and accessories? Yes please! I love even more that they have an under "$50 collection." I love adding a little sass to my wardrobe but hate spending a ton of money on something trendy.

Here's my five of my faves for under 50 bucks. Your wallet will thank you later!
(photos via shop.NYLONmag.com)

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OOTD 06.11.13

As promised earlier today on Instagram, here's my outfit breakdown...

Slim Fit Stripe Dress (via Garage, similar here and here too)

ADA Collection Tan Wrap Belt a.k.a. THE BEST BELT EVER (via South Moon Under)

Frye Carmen Harness Short Boots (via South Moon Under but available on Amazon, Zappos, and Shoes.com)

I'm quite sure that bodycon tank dresses are going to be my summertime essential. I ended up purchasing this dress from H&M this afternoon. Can't wait to wear it solo, belted, or layering a tee or a tank over it! I was between sizes but went down because I really wanted it to be a body conscious fit and to have a Spanx like ability. Despite all the weight loss, I'm still a smidge self conscious of some of my squishy bits (i.e. my stomach). #weightlossproblems

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What I've been wearing... Instagram style.

99.9% of the time I post my #OOTD's (outfit of the day) directly to Instagram. Quick, easy sharing and cross posting to Twitter and Facebook. But here's a breakdown of what I've worn recently...

Mink Pink Cut Out Back Floral Sleeveless Button Down Top (via South Moon Under)
LA Made Cami (via South Moon Under)
Free People Denim (via South Moon Under, similar here and here)
Steve Madden Lunatic Sandals (via Steve Madden, similar here and here)

Forever 21 Chiffon Back Tee (sold out online but love this Red Haute one from South Moon Under)
ADA Collection Wrap Belt (via South Moon Under)
Steve Madden Lunatic Sandals (via Steve Madden, similar here and here)

Sunsets D-Cup Bikini Separates (via South Moon Under)

And no, I haven't purchased this yet but I want it some kind of bad... Finding a bikini that works with the girls is damn near impossible.

I'm so happy that warmer weather is showing up - bring on summer!

Confession time...

Fashion-beauty-life blogger confession time. I've never had a Brazilian wax before... In my almost 31 years, I've only had a traditional bikini wax once. I have some girlfriends that swear by their Brazilians. I don't know what all the fuss is about. I have attempted to shave it all off and it results in an itchy mess of razor bumps so I'm probably one of the few NYC ladies who actually has some fuzz below the belt.

I'm now at that point where I need to do some official upkeep again but there's enough there that I could go get waxed... And then comes the decision of do I get waxed or sugared? NYC and Westchester ladies, any suggestions on where to go if I decided to take the jump...

At least here's my current routine to keep things in check in case I need to randomly throw on a bikini. It is bikini season!

In order to prevent the 1970's from having a party in my pants, using a trimmer is crucial. I use a beard trimmer because the attachments allow me to control how much length I want. Screw that girly pink crap for hair removal, the dude stuff works so much better for keeping the fuzz in check.

And yet another dude product, the Schick Hydro 5 a.k.a. the best razor ever... Sharper and more blades equals closer shave. Obviously I use this razor for my underarms, legs, and keeping the bikini line smooth. Even if you use the clippers to "keep the bush at bay," chances are you're still going to need to shave some parts of your bikini line to rock a bikini or a Hanky Panky thong.

I'm lazy about using shaving cream. I have an el cheapo can of Barbasol that I sometimes remember to use but lately I've been using EO Everyone Soap in the lavender-aloe scent to shave with. I love that I can use it as a shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath.

I really need to go buy another bottle of Jack Black Beard Lube because this stuff is the mack-daddy for shaving. Funny name and yet another dude product but works like a charm with it's mix of jojoba, eucalyptus, and macadamia nut oils. The glide you get from your razor while using this is the shiznit. I promise!

Stuff Blonde (And Short Haired) Girls Like

DISCLAIMER: If you're planning on drastically transitioning to platinum blonde like I did, please consult a professional. If you don't do it right, you can do serious damage. Respect the hair!

I 100% admit that the transition to platinum/pale-pale-pale champagne blonde was not "easy" on my hair. Yes, I did have a little bit of breakage/damage. Luckily since my hair is so short it isn't as noticeable. I'm not sure if I could have pulled off a D.I.Y. bleach job to this capacity when my hair was long. Again, consult a professional unless you happen to have already been a member of the bleach club and didn't kill your hair.

There's a few products I've come to rely on after re-joining #TeamBlonde...

This leave-in conditioning spray is alcohol free and doesn't leave my hair greasy. I spritz this on as soon as I exit the shower (mind you, I maybe wash my hair once a week but it will get damp/wet in spots while showering on a daily basis), comb it through, and let my hair air dry. It oddly leaves my hair a bit "crunchy" sometimes but it's easily remedied with a quickie brush through with a natural bristle brush.

Can we say kickin' it old school?! A teeny-tiny-little dab will do ya with this stuff. Adds a nice sheen and it has a sheer purple/lavender tint to it so it cancels out any brassy/yellow tones. Do not over apply otherwise you will be resembling a slicked back version of John Travolta in Grease. But this stuff is perfect for split ends and keeping my over-processed hair shiny and happy.

Whether I've hawked the 'do or worn it messy chic, this is one of my short hair staples. It works really well if you warm it up between your palms/fingers first before working through your hair. But I love it for keeping my hair just a bit funky.

After a bit of Google-ing, it seems that Garnier has discontinued this product. You *might* get lucky and find it tucked on a shelf at your local drugstore or to find it online. If you do, take a chance on it. It's that perfect mix of hold, texture, and scent. It is quite possibly a holy grail styling product for us awesomely short haired gals so it's a damn shame it's been discontinued.

So I'm sure you noticed I didn't mention shampoo. I have a sulfate-free Bumble & Bumble shampoo I've used before but I actually use a color safe conditioner to "wash" my hair. Take a glob of conditioner, work it in really well using your fingers (the same actions as if you were washing your hair), and thoroughly rinse. If you're prone to oily hair, this method may not work. I only "wash" my hair when it's really looking dingy and the blonde isn't bright. Otherwise the "dirt" makes it style so much better!

Fellow blondes and short haired gals, what are your fave picks to keep your hair looking fabulous?!

Makeup Monday: Back to an old favorite...

I sometimes get swayed by Sephora, by all the fancy primers and potions... I think I've tried every single silicone free primer they have there and none of them work quite right. I loved the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF15 and then towards the end of the bottle, my skin "adjusted" and suddenly the shiny face fairy rolled up and said "oh hai." Then I tried the Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Primer and no suck luck... I even tried avoiding moisturizer (except around my eyes) and using the primer alone to see if the shine fairy would just chill. Nope. Stupid shine fairy. Makeup somehow doesn't like to wear well on my nose and since it's allergy season, I'm constantly blowing my nose and then having to re-powder my nose. That's a whole 'notha issue.

I've decided to go back to basics with my face primer - Clinique City Block SPF25. Yes, this is a physical mineral sunscreen that also acts as a face primer. It has a teeny tiny little bit of a tint which allows me to use less foundation and still have pretty good coverage overall. I've been using this product for years and I really just need to stick with it because it works the best with my skin out of everything I've ever tried.
Is there ever a product you've used multiple times and keep going back to after other makeup/skincare products have failed you!? Tell me in the comments!