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Under $50 Friday - Two of my faves from Billabong at South Moon Under!

Happy Friday my loves! My apologies if my blog looks a little wonky over a few days... I've been trying to tweak my layout/design from Designer Blogs a bit. I love  my Devyn template (which originally came with the "Meddon" font used as "The Retailista" header) but I fell for a font font called "Kristi" that's also in a photo editing program I've used. Yes, both fonts have that cursive, handwritten feel but I've discovered that the size of the Meddon font is overall larger than Kristi so I'm trying to tweak my CSS and HTML to get my spacing/padding just right to make it look FABULOUS. Mind you, I have an eye for design but I'm not the best at coding.

So now after that technical-mumbo-jumbo, let's get down to the real talk about what this blog is about - FASHION. I was scrolling through Facebook on my iPhone this morning and saw photos from a fab fashion party that South Moon Under had last night in Ocean City, MD. Of course I saw something I absolutely had to have - this Billabong "I'm Staying Here" tank. Can we say PERFECT - paired with cut off shorts or with a bikini poolside? Umm, love it. Hi. I need you.

My last name has history of dealing with ships and sailing so I'm naturally drawn to anything with anchors. Come sail away with me!!! (Mind you, every time I think of this song I think of Cartman singing it from South Park - said link is NSFW unless you plug your headphones in.)

Also, if you're looking for the best pair of shorts to dress up or down, please do yourself a favor and get the Billabong "Step Outside" shorts. Perfect with an easy tank and flat sandals or dress it up with a silky camisole, a blingy necklace, and some heels for date night or a girls night out. Fab?! Yup. I also can't wait to rock them this fall with tights and boots. Cute, right?!?

While I've got too much boobage to rock a Billabong bikini, I can totally rock their apparel and I love that these two picks are under $50 a piece!