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Thanks to genetics (mother dearest is 5'2" and my father is 5'8") and a weird growth hormone deficiency I had as a child, I am lucky to be 5'1." Sometimes I wish I was a little bit taller but then I remind myself there's a plethora of really cute guys out there that are shorter than 5'10" and probably have #ShortGuyProblems too and have the same issues finding jeans that don't require half a foot hemmed off the bottom at least. Most of the time I can wear heels and the world is still taller than me!

If you're a shorty McShorty gal like me, RUN (don't walk) to your nearest South Moon Under to purchase the Blank NYC Skinny Denim Capris. I'm 5'1" and they're perfect length- no hemming necessary. I almost want to buy another pair and dye them dark because the fit is that good.

I decided to roll up the hem just a teeny tiny little bit for today's #OOTD... Today was my day off and I spent part of my day transitioning back to platinum blonde (bye bye lavender/purple locks...) and then did a little meandering around the 'hood despite the rain and stormy weather.
Five Crown "Apple Borough Tee" via South Moon Under
Blank NYC Skinny Denim Capris via South Moon Under
Converse Chuck Taylor Low via Nordstrom (I've had them for ages...)

And yes, I'm back to BLONDE!!! I missed my platinum pixie... Hello #TeamBlonde again.