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Just breathe.

Oh hello day off... How you doin'? The sun is shining and NYC, you are looking mighty fine today. I'm taking a moment to catch up on some blogs, drink my coffee, and relax a bit. It's gorgeous weather out and I am indeed quite tempted to venture into the city for a bit. Might be a good afternoon for gallavanting and meandering... Must have caffeine first though. COFFEE = GOOD.

I've had to remind myself of a few things past week... Just breathe. And time management is good. While there were a few moments my brain went "OMGZ, WHY?!?" and "hot damn, I'm tired," the end result I didn't burn the store down and I survived my "final exam" so to speak. I absolutely adore my career with South Moon Under (in case you missed it, here's my SMU Spotlight on their blog) and while retail management life isn't easy at times, I love that my career involves FASHION and that my work life involves creativity, event planning, and a splash of social media. Mind you, that just scrapes the surface of everything my work life is involved with! If I wasn't passionate about my career, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing and doing it well.

I just have to remember to breathe. I've been lucky to have someone added to my NY support system... I've been talking to a pretty handsome fella. That's all you'll know for now. It's nice to be "in like."

And now I'm off to venture into the city for a bit (getting a clean-up on my 'do from my girl Hannah at Foster Glorioso Salon in Flatiron) but here's a few things I have my eye on at South Moon Under that I want to add to my wardrobe STAT... Also, random fashion blogger techie question - any "plain"/simple templates for Polyore?

So lightweight and perfect for summer!

I need some beach time stat... Even though I'm a Leo, there's a certain peace I find when I'm near the water and the beach.

White Chucks with cut offs? YES PLEASE.

SO HOT. I love a good bodycon dress!