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#FryeFriday - "Carmen Harness Short"

Last summer I fell in love...

With a pair of Frye boots.

Yes, boots. I had been lusting for a pair for quite some time. Mother dearest had scored hers at Ross for such an insanely good deal. Sissy poo received a pair for Christmas one year because I used my Nordies discount and she has little feet that could wear the youth sizes. There I was, the last girl to have a pair... Sigh. Then sometime in July this one pair of Frye's arrived into work. 

Trying them on was akin to a first kiss with someone you'd want to spend the rest of your life with... I was smitten. I joke that I'm going to get married in these boots. If I have a redneck wedding or ride in on a Harley, chances are I'm going to be wearing them (I'm from VA and while I'm not "country," I am still a bit of a Southern girl at heart). These boots have seen it all and have tromped through NYC quite a few times. I've worn these boots on first dates, on important meetings with my DMs, or any time I just want to have that casual cool look. These boots are hands down my favorite item in my closet.

See, love at first sight? Do you feel this way about a pair of your shoes?