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Under $50 Friday - Two of my faves from Billabong at South Moon Under!

Happy Friday my loves! My apologies if my blog looks a little wonky over a few days... I've been trying to tweak my layout/design from Designer Blogs a bit. I love  my Devyn template (which originally came with the "Meddon" font used as "The Retailista" header) but I fell for a font font called "Kristi" that's also in a photo editing program I've used. Yes, both fonts have that cursive, handwritten feel but I've discovered that the size of the Meddon font is overall larger than Kristi so I'm trying to tweak my CSS and HTML to get my spacing/padding just right to make it look FABULOUS. Mind you, I have an eye for design but I'm not the best at coding.

So now after that technical-mumbo-jumbo, let's get down to the real talk about what this blog is about - FASHION. I was scrolling through Facebook on my iPhone this morning and saw photos from a fab fashion party that South Moon Under had last night in Ocean City, MD. Of course I saw something I absolutely had to have - this Billabong "I'm Staying Here" tank. Can we say PERFECT - paired with cut off shorts or with a bikini poolside? Umm, love it. Hi. I need you.

My last name has history of dealing with ships and sailing so I'm naturally drawn to anything with anchors. Come sail away with me!!! (Mind you, every time I think of this song I think of Cartman singing it from South Park - said link is NSFW unless you plug your headphones in.)

Also, if you're looking for the best pair of shorts to dress up or down, please do yourself a favor and get the Billabong "Step Outside" shorts. Perfect with an easy tank and flat sandals or dress it up with a silky camisole, a blingy necklace, and some heels for date night or a girls night out. Fab?! Yup. I also can't wait to rock them this fall with tights and boots. Cute, right?!?

While I've got too much boobage to rock a Billabong bikini, I can totally rock their apparel and I love that these two picks are under $50 a piece!

#YouNeedThis: ADA Collection Wrap Belt

As your friendly neighborhood fashionista and seasoned retail professional, I firmly believe that the proper accessories can completely enhance any outfit. I love utilizing a belt to add a little pop or panache to my ensemble. Hands down my fave belt is the ADA Collection Wrap Belt. I first purchased this in black last summer and then recently decided I needed to add the tan into my life. I love that I can wear it with just about anything - it's especially great if you're wearing an article of clothing that has a defined waist or you need to create a waist! I've even worn this belt looped through my jeans and on my hips.

ADA Collection Wrap Belt via South Moon Under a.k.a. THE BEST BELT EVER
I've included a few examples below how I've styled my ADA Collection wrap belt. I think it's particularly nifty that ADA Collection has a YouTube channel showing you how to tie in wrap belt in a bunch of different ways (check it out HERE)!


#TuesdayShoesDay - Clarks Casslyn Paula Wedge

I love a fabulous pair of heels just as much as the next girl... But sometimes you have to be comfortable. Thankfully summertime is conducive to a bevy of wedges available...

I stumbled upon these at the local Clarks at Ridge Hill. A cork bottomed wedge says Hello Summer! and the nude color was just right for my "I need some color" pale skin...

The BEST part? They feel like I'm walking on air. Or pillows at least... Which is always a plus when you're on your feet for 8+ hours. I don't have to bring "commuter sandals" with me when I wear these which is always a perk. Considering I've upgraded to my fancy Rebecca Minkoff bag, I can't throw my shoes in my "man bag" anymore. So these are a welcome addition to my wardrobe!

Beauty - It's What You Make It

Disclosure: I've started this post a gazillion times in my head recently, but I finally had the nerve to do it... Please pardon this monologue of sorts regarding beauty and self-image. Sorry there's no pretty pictures. xoxo, L
The most beautiful thing a woman can ever wear is confidence.
So very true. Beauty is what you make it. I've run the gamut with changes to my appearance through the years... Multiple hair cuts and a bevy of colors, lots of changes in my weight, experimenting with different makeup styles, a couple small body mods, and developing my sense of fashion and style along the way have all been of aspects of how I've modified my appearance.

I've made the mistake of modifying my appearance to please significant others. I've had varying degrees of short and shorter hair most of my life. As a child I had a blunt cunt bob with bangs across my forehead. I remember for high school my hair was mostly short my freshman through junior year. My senior portrait (taken that summer before my senior year) was gosh awful. The manner in how my hair was cut was a bit horrifying (if you can imagine a bowl cut-pixie hybrid, that closely resembles my 'do). OUCH. After that incident, I promptly started growing my hair out. Part of it was the nagging of my boyfriend and part of it was that I had never had "long hair." I cannot remember the exact timing of when I first dyed my hair, I think I might have experimented with Sun-In first but either way, I had some gosh awful orange hair. By the time of the end of my relationship with him, I had long hair past my shoulders in some sort of brassy blonde shade. I think the breakup with him was the first time I had cut my hair - I vaguely remember going back a fail safe bob a few months post break up. Then I spent most of my 20's rocking some sort of variation of the bob- sometimes longer (a bit past my chin) and sometimes shorter (covering my ears and just barely grazing my jawline). Varying shades of blonde, strawberry blonde, and very light brown existed as my color palette. Right before my 25th birthday, I partially chopped my hair - one side was an extremely angled bob and the other side it was much shorter and tucked behind the ear. Thankfully said boyfriend at the time really didn't care what my hair looked like but oddly enough we parted ways less than a month later and my hair grew back into that fail safe bob.

I often change my hair for two things [a] something happened (life event in some capacity) or [b] boredom. Fast forward to July 2010, I had recently suffered a job loss and was devastated beyond belief. I needed a change, this was a new Lindsay. The salon around the corner needed a haircut model for an edgy, progressive style from someone willing to go short or shorter. It was a sign from the hair deities and snip, snip. Since then, I've had varying degrees of a pixie cut - sometimes the bangs a bit longer or a little longer on the sides but definitely not touching my ears.  I rocked quite a few colors, I went through a dark phase of sorts and rocked dark brown, burgundy, and various shades of dark red. I've had a lot of changes regarding my hair the past few months... After rocking the faux-hawk for quite a bit off and on, I took the gamble and completely mohawked it. Completely exhilarating feeling... Then after letting that grow, I went back to have the sides super short and the top long and no more mohawk "tail." I recently rocked the two-tone look of darker sides (embracing my natural color) and lavender-purple until I decided that blonde was what I needed. Yes, a couple life events (or potential life events) have spurred the change back into the blonde life.

That brings us back around to "beauty is what you make it." In my life, I've been called cute quite a few times and pretty on occasion. Understandable, my looks are a little unconventional to some. My younger sister could be called the fairer of us two, she has perfect cupid bowed lips and sparkly hazel eyes - her bone structure is more defined than mine and gives her a certain Je nais se quoi... She has a classic, timeless beauty. I tend to favor my mother more for my appearance (there's a reason why cloning is illegal... ha) except I think I have a variation of my father's nose (which I think has thinned out the past year or so). Case in point, I've got really short hair that most girls won't rock, I wear glasses, and I've got a pierced nose. I'm to the left of quirky on the looks spectrum. And overall, I'm OK with that. Yes, I rely on some makeup because my lashes are blonde, my dark circles are horrendous, and I have to fill my brows in because I've been plagued with the same "ghost brow" syndrome as mother dearest. I've still yet to understand how I could grow a unibrow if I didn't own tweezers yet the hair doesn't quite grow with the bone structure where my brows should be. Oops. That's the least of my worries, right? I've learned what I do to make myself look presentable and pretty to the public. It still blows me away when someone tells me that I'm beautiful. It's happened to me twice in a week by two separate people. I know it's f**ked up but I don't see it. Perhaps I am beautiful because I'm trying to make my entire life into something amazing? Overall, I'm fairly confident about my life but I do have my self-doubts at times...

I am learning to love my new body... I've had some weight fluctuations before but I think I weigh less than I have in a long time. As I've mentioned before, I've lost at least 30 pounds in the last year. The real truth that comes with weight loss as a woman is that "the girls" would lose some of their "oomph" so to speak and there's that lower belly "pooch" that still lingers after losing some weight. Both of those things can't really be fixed with exercise. My genetics has me pre-determined to a degree to carry some weight in my middle so my lower belly will always have some squish (even when I had gym rat phases, I've never had "abs"). I don't mind being petite but having some curves. I'm still having some dilemmas dressing myself nowadays, a plethora of my clothes don't fit so I'm evaluating what can be could be tailored and what can be tied here, belted there, etc.

I moved to NY to make myself a better person. To be that girl that I always knew was there but I wasn't sure how to be her... And now I'm blossoming into that girl and enjoying this happiness of life. Isn't a beautiful thing, isn't it?
Vita est parum brevis esse nisi laeta.
TRANSLATION: Life is too short to be anything but happy. 

Big Girl Bag

Less than two months 'til the big 3-1 y'all... I'm going to be 31?! All seriousness aside, I may look no more than a day over 25 to most but I'm trying to be a grown up. I'm not "little Lindsay," I am the Lindsay with the kick ass job who resides in a cute NYC apartment (in the upper-upper-upper East Side... some may call it the Bronx) with an adorable fuzzy cat. Thus, it's about dang time I have a grownup designer bag (even though I sang ALL the words to "Redneck Woman"  by Gretchen Wilson last night... and I don't need no designer tag to make my man want me).


This bag has been sitting at my South Moon Under for quite some time and it was on sale and for Memorial Day all of our sale goodies are an additional 25% off so yeah... MINE. Thank you Mom for the early birthday and Christmas gift. I love it.

While I can't hug my family 7 hours away, I can hug my designer big girl bag. Priorities?! Yup.

#FryeFriday - "Carmen Harness Short"

Last summer I fell in love...

With a pair of Frye boots.

Yes, boots. I had been lusting for a pair for quite some time. Mother dearest had scored hers at Ross for such an insanely good deal. Sissy poo received a pair for Christmas one year because I used my Nordies discount and she has little feet that could wear the youth sizes. There I was, the last girl to have a pair... Sigh. Then sometime in July this one pair of Frye's arrived into work. 

Trying them on was akin to a first kiss with someone you'd want to spend the rest of your life with... I was smitten. I joke that I'm going to get married in these boots. If I have a redneck wedding or ride in on a Harley, chances are I'm going to be wearing them (I'm from VA and while I'm not "country," I am still a bit of a Southern girl at heart). These boots have seen it all and have tromped through NYC quite a few times. I've worn these boots on first dates, on important meetings with my DMs, or any time I just want to have that casual cool look. These boots are hands down my favorite item in my closet.

See, love at first sight? Do you feel this way about a pair of your shoes?


Thanks to genetics (mother dearest is 5'2" and my father is 5'8") and a weird growth hormone deficiency I had as a child, I am lucky to be 5'1." Sometimes I wish I was a little bit taller but then I remind myself there's a plethora of really cute guys out there that are shorter than 5'10" and probably have #ShortGuyProblems too and have the same issues finding jeans that don't require half a foot hemmed off the bottom at least. Most of the time I can wear heels and the world is still taller than me!

If you're a shorty McShorty gal like me, RUN (don't walk) to your nearest South Moon Under to purchase the Blank NYC Skinny Denim Capris. I'm 5'1" and they're perfect length- no hemming necessary. I almost want to buy another pair and dye them dark because the fit is that good.

I decided to roll up the hem just a teeny tiny little bit for today's #OOTD... Today was my day off and I spent part of my day transitioning back to platinum blonde (bye bye lavender/purple locks...) and then did a little meandering around the 'hood despite the rain and stormy weather.
Five Crown "Apple Borough Tee" via South Moon Under
Blank NYC Skinny Denim Capris via South Moon Under
Converse Chuck Taylor Low via Nordstrom (I've had them for ages...)

And yes, I'm back to BLONDE!!! I missed my platinum pixie... Hello #TeamBlonde again.

Just breathe.

Oh hello day off... How you doin'? The sun is shining and NYC, you are looking mighty fine today. I'm taking a moment to catch up on some blogs, drink my coffee, and relax a bit. It's gorgeous weather out and I am indeed quite tempted to venture into the city for a bit. Might be a good afternoon for gallavanting and meandering... Must have caffeine first though. COFFEE = GOOD.

I've had to remind myself of a few things past week... Just breathe. And time management is good. While there were a few moments my brain went "OMGZ, WHY?!?" and "hot damn, I'm tired," the end result I didn't burn the store down and I survived my "final exam" so to speak. I absolutely adore my career with South Moon Under (in case you missed it, here's my SMU Spotlight on their blog) and while retail management life isn't easy at times, I love that my career involves FASHION and that my work life involves creativity, event planning, and a splash of social media. Mind you, that just scrapes the surface of everything my work life is involved with! If I wasn't passionate about my career, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing and doing it well.

I just have to remember to breathe. I've been lucky to have someone added to my NY support system... I've been talking to a pretty handsome fella. That's all you'll know for now. It's nice to be "in like."

And now I'm off to venture into the city for a bit (getting a clean-up on my 'do from my girl Hannah at Foster Glorioso Salon in Flatiron) but here's a few things I have my eye on at South Moon Under that I want to add to my wardrobe STAT... Also, random fashion blogger techie question - any "plain"/simple templates for Polyore?

So lightweight and perfect for summer!

I need some beach time stat... Even though I'm a Leo, there's a certain peace I find when I'm near the water and the beach.

White Chucks with cut offs? YES PLEASE.

SO HOT. I love a good bodycon dress!