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I love Coastal.com (seriously).

As a glasses wearing gal, I love having a variety of frames to mix things up. Working in the fashion industry, I embrace my glasses as another aspect of my overall appearance. Coastal.com has become my go-to source for amazing glasses.

My first pair ever from Coastal was a snazzy black and white 2-tone pair by Kam Dillon. I don't wear them as much anymore as they're now sort of scratched (I'm really hard on glasses) but they were the pair that started the love affair with Coastal. Sidenote, I miss Holly and Kat especially since RVA Fashion Week is approaching and I won't be there this year!
photo credit: kc johnson from Image Machine

I'm wearing these Dolce & Gabbana glasses today because I call them my Hokie glasses since they're VA Tech's colors and in 2007, that horrible massacre happened and today's a day of remembrance for those lives lost.
I was an obnoxious Cowboys fan for Halloween in 2011. HTTR!

After transitioning back to blonde after my redhead/purple/brunette stint, I wanted some new funky glasses and these Derek Cardigan 7009 fuschia colored glasses had me at hello.

Then another pair of Derek Cardigan's (can't remember if it's the 7014 or the 7012) stole my heart... Who doesn't love big wayfarers? I'm bummed I can't wear them anymore because the screw felt out and then somehow I lost the arm of the frame before I had a chance to fix them. Sigh. Rest in peace poor glasses.
Jess and I at my birthday lunch for the big 3-0!
These 7011 Derek Cardigans are my current pair that I rock the most but alas, I also need to a screw put back in since they came unhinged. I definitely love the edgy unisex look of these!

Have you checked out Coastal.com yet for glasses? Your first pair is free on selected frames, just use code FIRSTPAIRFREE!

After going down glasses memory lane and scoping out Coastal, I'm now obsessed with these Derek Cardigan 7023 glasses. I think I might need these!