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#MakeupMonday: My E.L.F. Studio Store Mini-Haul

As a bonafide makeup junkie, I use a mix of high-end and low-end products in my makeup routine. Sometimes the best products don't have a high-end price tag! While I was in the city on Thursday to get my hair cut at Foster Glorioso Salon in the Flatiron District (my NYC hair stylist soul mate Hannah moved there), I took some time after to do some wandering around. I love there's always something to explore, somewhere to check out, a new boutique, or a street corner vendor to eat at in NYC.

Eyes Lips Face (usually called e.l.f. to the masses) is a line of highly affordable cosmetics - their Essentials line has products for $1 and their Studio Line offers products starting at $3 apiece. I've been a fan of e.l.f. off and on for quite some time and they recently opened their first ever Studio location in NYC at 741 Broadway (at 8th St). I follow them on Instagram and was surprised to see they opened up a store - normally I have to try to find e.l.f. at Target or I end up ordering online. I tried my best to no go crazy in there so I ended up with a mini-haul for under $20!

Mineral INFUSED Mascara - This mascara might possibly be on my "holy grail" list. I keep going back to it... It lengthens, volumizes, and provides definition. There's enough power to it layer a few coats on it's own but I love layering it with other mascaras (I've been pairing it with VS Voluptuous Volume Mascara and sometimes with Maybelline's Volum' Express Black Drama Mascara).

Essentials Nail Polish Teal Blue #1577 - This color is definitely more emerald/jade green than teal blue but I was smitten with the color and it was the last bottle on display so I had to have it. Totally giving myself a mani this afternoon!

Studio Daily Brush Cleaner - I purchased this quick-change brush cleaner to use on my foundation brush to keep bacteria and breakouts at bay. Nothing's worse than a gunky foundation brush!

Studio SPF 45 UVA/UVB  Protection - I purchased this powder sunscreen as a setting powder. Since I'm often outside waiting for the bus, I want to protect my skin. I'm still on the fence with this powder, I think the color seems to be working with my skin but not sure if it's absorbing oil/shine as well as I'd like.

Studio High Definition Undereye Setting Powder - This little gem is perfect for setting my undereye concealer and the little bit of sparkle helps brighten my undereye area. I use my MAC 286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending Brush to apply this because the brush that comes with it is more suitable as an eyeliner or lip brush.

Short Crush

Dear NYC,

Can we please have some warmer weather please? Preferably the kind that lasts more than a day.

ps. My legs need some self-tanner so I can wear these awesome shorts I'm eyeing at South Moon Under! Those Blank hi-waist cut offs totally are calling my name!!!
Short Crush

I love Coastal.com (seriously).

As a glasses wearing gal, I love having a variety of frames to mix things up. Working in the fashion industry, I embrace my glasses as another aspect of my overall appearance. Coastal.com has become my go-to source for amazing glasses.

My first pair ever from Coastal was a snazzy black and white 2-tone pair by Kam Dillon. I don't wear them as much anymore as they're now sort of scratched (I'm really hard on glasses) but they were the pair that started the love affair with Coastal. Sidenote, I miss Holly and Kat especially since RVA Fashion Week is approaching and I won't be there this year!
photo credit: kc johnson from Image Machine

I'm wearing these Dolce & Gabbana glasses today because I call them my Hokie glasses since they're VA Tech's colors and in 2007, that horrible massacre happened and today's a day of remembrance for those lives lost.
I was an obnoxious Cowboys fan for Halloween in 2011. HTTR!

After transitioning back to blonde after my redhead/purple/brunette stint, I wanted some new funky glasses and these Derek Cardigan 7009 fuschia colored glasses had me at hello.

Then another pair of Derek Cardigan's (can't remember if it's the 7014 or the 7012) stole my heart... Who doesn't love big wayfarers? I'm bummed I can't wear them anymore because the screw felt out and then somehow I lost the arm of the frame before I had a chance to fix them. Sigh. Rest in peace poor glasses.
Jess and I at my birthday lunch for the big 3-0!
These 7011 Derek Cardigans are my current pair that I rock the most but alas, I also need to a screw put back in since they came unhinged. I definitely love the edgy unisex look of these!

Have you checked out Coastal.com yet for glasses? Your first pair is free on selected frames, just use code FIRSTPAIRFREE!

After going down glasses memory lane and scoping out Coastal, I'm now obsessed with these Derek Cardigan 7023 glasses. I think I might need these!

Makeup Monday: New & Old Favorites

A Monday off work is a perfect excuse to do a little blogging, right? While I had every intention to blog yesterday, I was also frantically trying to get my taxes filed.   You've got 'til midnight to file, y'all - so if you haven't done it, hit your web browser to TurboTax like NOW. Filing my federal and three state returns = CRAZINESS. Big props to Tiffany and Denise with their social media support teams with helping me figure out this mess. In other news, work has been keeping me busy as a bee... I've been learning so much the past few weeks and mentally preparing myself for greater things to come. Hard work pays off, right?

So now we're here to what you really want to read about - a little bit of makeup talk! Sephora had a V.I.B. beauty day thingy last Thursday and it was an opportunity to receive 15% off! It was an opportunity to score a couple needed things to the makeup bag. I think I might have FINALLY found the right combo of products to offer me a fairly flawless look throughout the day. Foundation tends to melt/disappear in random places/etc on me and I don't have time to constantly play the touch-up game. Also, I learned a totally AWESOME new trick from Christine over at 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic to help my foundation last a little longer. After applying liquid foundation, take a tissue/Kleenex and gently blot over areas like your forehead/cheeks, it removes some of the extra liquid-y-ness without disturbing the color/pigment. I've tried this method twice already and already super impressed!

Now onto my fave products to help get my face on and look flawless!

Korres Mattifying Primer
I'm pretty sure I tried the non-mattifying primer by Korres once before and HATED it. I have an allergy to silicones in face primers and as a result I acquire pretty gnarly cystic acne on my jawline and cheeks. I decided to give the mattifying one a go this time and so far I'm pleased with the results. I was using the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer beforehand but suddenly it wasn't reacting to my skin (possibly due to the warmer weather) so I decided to switch it up.

After reading a plethora of reviews allover the internets, I finally went to my closest drugstore and picked up this bottle of this stuff. Yes, it supposedly has some primer technology built in but knowing how weird my skin is, I noticed it does react a lot better with the Korres primer. Overall, it gives me a nice flawless look and blends quite easily. I've applied this with both my fingers and using the Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush and had equally good results but after buying that brush, I prefer the brush.

Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush
Good karma, indeed. I almost dropped money on the Hourglass Foundation/Blush Brush No. 2 but then I flashbacked to a convo I had with some girls on the bus about how amazing this brush is and that I needed it in my life. Plus $25 is cheaper than $58 so you do the math... So far I'm pleasantly surprised with the blending abilities and love how flawless my skin looks after using this brush.

Benefit Erase Paste
I've used this before and loved it but then somehow I forget to buy it again. I use a little dab underneath my Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer and this stuff helps neutralize and brighten the tiredness I'm often prone to showing in my undereye area.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer
This just might be my holy grail concealer - I use it on blemishes, under my eyes, and any area where I need a little extra coverage. The $6 tube lasts quite a long time so I'm quite pleased with the "bang for your buck" and the coverage too. The little pencil that comes with it does nothing for me but $6 for concealer that lasts a long time and provides kickass coverage is so worth it.

What are your fave face products to look flawless?