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(A little late...) Makeover Monday: 30 pounds, 3 inches.

Last year at this time when I was starting work at South Moon Under, I was wearing a size 30/31 in jeans and usually a large in most shirts while weighing in between 155-160 pounds at 5'1"). The photo on the left was from June 2012, the middle was from late October 2012, and the one on the right was from about a week ago. I'm currently hovering around 125 pounds at the moment and now wearing a size 26-27 in jeans and usually a medium in most tops (sometimes a small). It's crazy how losing 30 pounds can change your life.

The second part of this "self-makeover" addition is that I took a plunge and cut off over 3 inches of hair. For you long haired gals, that's really not a lot but when you've been rocking a faux-hawked pixie cut - 3 inches is a big deal. I've really been digging Miley Cyrus' short crop with the shaved/super short styles. After consulting my original stylist Michele back in VA (for MAJOR hair decisions, she has to be consulted because we go way back), I found an awesome stylist through Salon Apprentice who was looking for a client wanting a short, edgy cut. I recently had a trim at another hair institute on Thursday but the stylist and educator really tried to make my look super soft and feminine and I just wasn't happy after I had left. Yes, I am a girly girl (makeup, nails, etc.) but I've got some edge. After a few texts, I trekked out to SoHo and met Hannah at Alibi NYC. Immediately we just clicked and I was put at ease. As someone who works in the fashion industry, my look and appearance is vital to my success. Hannah and I discussed my goals and visions for my hair and we decided to go for a sexy mohawk that followed the elongated S-curve of my hair's growth pattern. And here's the final result: