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#TuesdayShoesDay: Vince Camuto 'Korsi' (And a #RVAFB wrap-up!)

Oh hello blog, I've missed you. Sorry that I've been a crazy busy blog owner and been involved with work, Black Friday and Black Saturday, dealing with a craptastic breakup and that roller coaster of emotions (ladies, please note that shoes will not break your heart), and just feeling generally blah. So three months later to the day, I come back to you with a little bit of passion and renewed faith in my blog. Last night I met up with some lovely ladies and one gent (Brian from Dirty Richmond) last night at Tastebuds American Bistro for the RVAFB Meetup organized by Larissa (the amazing editor/founder behind From The Runway to RVA). It was nice to meet some fellow Richmond fashion bloggers, chit-chat, talk about RVA Fashion Week, told the group about the BEST mascara ever (Bare Escentuals Curl & Lengthen), and talked about monetizing and blog partnerships (check out ShopSense as a part of ShopStyle).

It is #TuesdayShoesDay after all so here's a pair of Vince Camuto's I have my eye on from Nordstrom. I'm a fan of Vince Camuto because he does offer shoes in a wide-width which is most certainly a gift from the the shoe deities. Often shoe vendors think wide results in ugly/Grandma-ish but fashion forward gals have wide feet too! Thank you Vince!

Pumps by Vince Camuto at ShopStyle

Also, talk of glasses were mentioned since I was wearing my Derek Cardigan 7009 Fuschia glasses from Coastal.com! I do have a couple promo codes for glasses from Coastal thanks to No More Rack that are valid for new customers so let me know if you want one!