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Latest Wardrobe Obsession: The Knit Blazer

Ladies, gents, and fellow fashionistas - if you haven't incorporated a basic black blazer into your wardrobe - DO IT NOW. Bonus points if you're lucky to find a blazer in a light/medium weight ponte knit. I stumbled upon this Olivia Moon Knit Blazer while perusing the racks at Nordstrom this weekend and I've already worn it on a bar crawl (to benefit Toys for Tots), to the RVAFB meet up, and to work yesterday! Heck, I'd prob have it on today except I went for low-key uber comfy chic due to the rainy weather.

Blazers by Olivia Moon at ShopStyle

In addition to the good ol' basic black pictured above, it also comes in a stunning cobalt blue. I *really* want the blue but for practicality, I went for black. Currently my work dress code consists of a lot of neutrals and a plethora of black pieces and denim (thank the fashion deities for denim and jeggings) so the blue would be a weekend and off-the-clock piece.

Blazers by Olivia Moon at ShopStyle

See, LOOK at that cobalt. Yum. I'm already imagining you with a black tank, my black ponte mini skirt or my black vegan leather mini, funky tights (either purple, turquoise, or black patterned), and my black motorcycle boots. But instead I'll probably settle for wearing my black blazer with lots of color when I'm not working even though that cobalt blue is TO DIE FOR.

I'm also obsessed with this Bobeau Open Cardigan from Nordstrom. It's so soft and super comfortable with three-quarter sleeves perfect for showcasing your fave bracelet or two. Best part? Comes in "straight sizes" and plus sizes too! How awesome is that paired with the sale price and free shipping from Nordies!?

Cardigans by Bobeau at ShopStyle

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