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D@MN YOU, Target!

Send me into to Target with Christmas money and a gift card from a friend? Chances are I'm leaving with at least a thing or two...

I *almost* took home this Mossimo Ponte Knit Jacket. Loved the cut, the style, the shape. But it was a little too short in the back especially if I wanted to do the knit tunic tank paired with leggings/jeggings combo. I may go back and get it at some point to pair with looser fitted tops and maybe some of my dresses. A knit blazer for under $20 with a good shape and is also available in chocolate brown and charcoal grey? A possible must buy...

Jackets by Mossimo at ShopStyle

I ended up buying three of these Mossimo Ultrasoft Cardigans. Two in good ol' basic black and one in a grey with black stripe. You can never have too many black cardigans especially because mine disappear randomly and often due to friends borrowing them. (Thanks y'all.)

Petite Sweaters by Mossimo at ShopStyle

And now presenting the "D@MN YOU, Target" portion...

I've noticed more and more that Target's shoes have been running redic narrow as of late. I'm technically a 6.5 wide but can usually size up to a 7 especially if their boots. Case in point, I'm already obsessed with my Coconuts by Matisse "Chino" motorcycle-esque boots. Love them. Wear them almost every day. Well, I figured it wouldn't kill me to have a slightly different styled motorcycle boot especially with a lug sole which would be great for traction. But no, they didn't fit. Length was great, calf/ankle fit, but they were way too narrow. Great. Thanks Target. Can you please start making wider shoes again?

Boots by Mossimo at ShopStyle

OK, I'm done with my hissy fit. But D@MN YOU for not having wider-cut shoes Target. Sad emo shoe loving Lins.