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#OOTD: Cocktails at The Jefferson

The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, VA is top-notch for luxury, accommodations, and experience. On Friday my friend Michelle and I decided to partake in cocktails at Lemaire which is the fabulous restaurant and bar inside The Jefferson. Since I actually had an able and willing body to snap a pic of me, I couldn't resist looking sassy!

Boat Neck Sweater Dress by Old Navy

Angie Boots by Jessica Simpson (similar here)

Belt from Target

Black Opaque Tights from Nordstrom

Bangles from Forever21 (I've had them a long time...)

Earrings by Maslo Jewelry from Heidi Story

And I couldn't resist a Christmas tree pic either from The Jefferson!

Winter Skin Survival: Philosophy's Hands of Hope

While the official start to winter is over a week away, the dry air is trying to suck the life out of my cuticles and hands. As a makeup artist, I use a lot of hand sanitizer in between clients at work. Hands of Hope by Philosophy has become my go-to hand cream. Absorbs quickly, no weird scent, and leaves my "paws and claws" happily moisturized! I'm prone to getting wicked hangnails and Hands of Hope seems to be helping! I'm sure it'd be helping my hands even more if I actually remembered to use it regularly. But as I'm prone to those stereotypical blonde moments, I sometimes seem to forget to use hand cream until my hands are super dry!
hand and cuticle cream - hands of hope - moisturizers 4 oz.

#TuesdayShoesDay: Frye Rogan Engineer Boot

Normally with #TuesdayShoesDay, I try to post shoes within my budget but on occasion I get the urge to post about a pair of shoes I'd splurge on if I had copious amounts of random cash. Today is one of those days...

I present to you the Frye Rogan Engineer Boot. I *adore* the rugged details and the stud accents. I'm obviously a little obsessed with motorcycle boots at the moment and what girl doesn't love a good boot. Obviously I'd pair them with leggings, jeggings, and skinny jeans and a tunic but I'd also envision these with one of my summer sundresses, a cardigan, black tights, and a studded belt.

Boots by Frye at ShopStyle

Yay or nay on these?

ps. Hey Santa, if you wanna get me a pair of Frye's for Christmas - I won't object!

pps. I'm totally working on a "Makeup Monday" write up on concealers. Ran out of time to finish it last night but it should roll out next Monday. Someone hold me accountable, OK?

D@MN YOU, Target!

Send me into to Target with Christmas money and a gift card from a friend? Chances are I'm leaving with at least a thing or two...

I *almost* took home this Mossimo Ponte Knit Jacket. Loved the cut, the style, the shape. But it was a little too short in the back especially if I wanted to do the knit tunic tank paired with leggings/jeggings combo. I may go back and get it at some point to pair with looser fitted tops and maybe some of my dresses. A knit blazer for under $20 with a good shape and is also available in chocolate brown and charcoal grey? A possible must buy...

Jackets by Mossimo at ShopStyle

I ended up buying three of these Mossimo Ultrasoft Cardigans. Two in good ol' basic black and one in a grey with black stripe. You can never have too many black cardigans especially because mine disappear randomly and often due to friends borrowing them. (Thanks y'all.)

Petite Sweaters by Mossimo at ShopStyle

And now presenting the "D@MN YOU, Target" portion...

I've noticed more and more that Target's shoes have been running redic narrow as of late. I'm technically a 6.5 wide but can usually size up to a 7 especially if their boots. Case in point, I'm already obsessed with my Coconuts by Matisse "Chino" motorcycle-esque boots. Love them. Wear them almost every day. Well, I figured it wouldn't kill me to have a slightly different styled motorcycle boot especially with a lug sole which would be great for traction. But no, they didn't fit. Length was great, calf/ankle fit, but they were way too narrow. Great. Thanks Target. Can you please start making wider shoes again?

Boots by Mossimo at ShopStyle

OK, I'm done with my hissy fit. But D@MN YOU for not having wider-cut shoes Target. Sad emo shoe loving Lins.

Latest Wardrobe Obsession: The Knit Blazer

Ladies, gents, and fellow fashionistas - if you haven't incorporated a basic black blazer into your wardrobe - DO IT NOW. Bonus points if you're lucky to find a blazer in a light/medium weight ponte knit. I stumbled upon this Olivia Moon Knit Blazer while perusing the racks at Nordstrom this weekend and I've already worn it on a bar crawl (to benefit Toys for Tots), to the RVAFB meet up, and to work yesterday! Heck, I'd prob have it on today except I went for low-key uber comfy chic due to the rainy weather.

Blazers by Olivia Moon at ShopStyle

In addition to the good ol' basic black pictured above, it also comes in a stunning cobalt blue. I *really* want the blue but for practicality, I went for black. Currently my work dress code consists of a lot of neutrals and a plethora of black pieces and denim (thank the fashion deities for denim and jeggings) so the blue would be a weekend and off-the-clock piece.

Blazers by Olivia Moon at ShopStyle

See, LOOK at that cobalt. Yum. I'm already imagining you with a black tank, my black ponte mini skirt or my black vegan leather mini, funky tights (either purple, turquoise, or black patterned), and my black motorcycle boots. But instead I'll probably settle for wearing my black blazer with lots of color when I'm not working even though that cobalt blue is TO DIE FOR.

I'm also obsessed with this Bobeau Open Cardigan from Nordstrom. It's so soft and super comfortable with three-quarter sleeves perfect for showcasing your fave bracelet or two. Best part? Comes in "straight sizes" and plus sizes too! How awesome is that paired with the sale price and free shipping from Nordies!?

Cardigans by Bobeau at ShopStyle

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#JOTD - Meet Fred

What girl doesn't need a fab lizard ring to complement an awesome manicure?

Yes, his name is Fred. The ruby-esque ring is from my fave Carytown street vendor which is in daily "Jewelry Of The Day" rotation at the moment.

#TuesdayShoesDay: Vince Camuto 'Korsi' (And a #RVAFB wrap-up!)

Oh hello blog, I've missed you. Sorry that I've been a crazy busy blog owner and been involved with work, Black Friday and Black Saturday, dealing with a craptastic breakup and that roller coaster of emotions (ladies, please note that shoes will not break your heart), and just feeling generally blah. So three months later to the day, I come back to you with a little bit of passion and renewed faith in my blog. Last night I met up with some lovely ladies and one gent (Brian from Dirty Richmond) last night at Tastebuds American Bistro for the RVAFB Meetup organized by Larissa (the amazing editor/founder behind From The Runway to RVA). It was nice to meet some fellow Richmond fashion bloggers, chit-chat, talk about RVA Fashion Week, told the group about the BEST mascara ever (Bare Escentuals Curl & Lengthen), and talked about monetizing and blog partnerships (check out ShopSense as a part of ShopStyle).

It is #TuesdayShoesDay after all so here's a pair of Vince Camuto's I have my eye on from Nordstrom. I'm a fan of Vince Camuto because he does offer shoes in a wide-width which is most certainly a gift from the the shoe deities. Often shoe vendors think wide results in ugly/Grandma-ish but fashion forward gals have wide feet too! Thank you Vince!

Pumps by Vince Camuto at ShopStyle

Also, talk of glasses were mentioned since I was wearing my Derek Cardigan 7009 Fuschia glasses from Coastal.com! I do have a couple promo codes for glasses from Coastal thanks to No More Rack that are valid for new customers so let me know if you want one!