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Sale Math: Logic Borrowed from Adrien at LGFTB

Adrien at Looks Good From The Back recently posted about the logic of shopping and sale math regarding a steal of a deal on an adorbs Ann Taylor trench coat. To me, fashion isn't about what/who you're wearing (regarding brand) but how you wear it. However, if you get an insanely good deal that was blessed by the sale gods, a little bit of fashion bragging is totally appropriate. I admit, I'm cheap. If it was on sale = YAY, if I had a coupon/promo code = EVEN BETTER. So here's my little bit of my recent sale math to share with y'all...

Yes, it's 90 friggin'-odd-degrees outside. YAY SUMMER. Not. I've been living in canvas/cork wedges and flip-flops but I have a boot fetish. I've off-and-on stalked the Coconuts Chino Bootie on the DSW website since last fall. It's kind of an internet crush I suppose because I haven't met these boots in real life yet... They were originally compared at $209 and unfortunately I don't remember the "before they went on clearance" price but I think they were around $120-ish. Currently the price tag is marked at $69.94 which works out to 67% off which isn't a bad deal at all. But thanks to DSW Rewards, I scored an extra $15 off. I received a $10 off reward as a "welcome back" to DSW Rewards since I had bought my momma a gift certificate for her birthday back in May. Well, my birthday is this month and I received a $5 off reward from DSW. So $15 off $69.94? YES PLEASE. I also had a shipping promo code on all orders of $35 or more so my grand total was $54.94 before the $2.75 sales tax. That's a whopping $154.06 off or 74% which equals one helluva deal in my book.