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The Anti-Gym Workout: Little Secret Fitness

Confession time... I have a secret.
I *HATE* working out.

What?!? Yes, I said it. To all you gym-obsessed, workout fanatics, I just don't "understand" the workout obsession. When I worked in retail, maintaining my weight was pretty easy since I was on my feet 8+ hours a day while usually in heels. Now since I work in an office or from home, the weight has crept back on. I don't mind some of the extra curvature but it's about damn time I get myself back into better shape!

That being said, I took my first class last night at Little Secret Fitness which specializes in alternative fitness and dance. I participated in the Pole Conditioning - Core & Upper body class which utilizes a, *ahem*, stripper pole for a weight training tool. Yes, real girls get down on the pole in this class. Who knew that you could do sit-ups on a pole?

I'm definitely looking forward to attending my next class at Little Secret Fitness! The Pole Conditioning - Core & Upper Body classes are currently held on Tuesdays from 6pm-7pm and the Pole Conditioning - Core & Lower Body classes are held on Thursdays at 5pm. These classes are a great way to condition your body for the other pole dancing classes available at Little Secret Fitness.

Don't forget to "like" Little Secret Fitness on Facebook and to follow them on Twitter at @LSF3500. They're having a LADIES NITE OUT next Wednesday June 8 from 7pm-9pm and you'll get to try out all the classes for $5. I can't wait to go back and work on my fitness! This is a great option if you're anti-gym like myself.