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#OOTD - 1/5/2010 - Grey Matter

OK, it's from yesterday. Didn't have a chance to upload photos until almost 4am-something. Yeah, go me! If you're lucky, you may get a 1/6/2010 OOTD but as of right now, I'm in my PJs as I'm writing this. Due to the wonders of of technology, you'll be reading this around 9:30am once you're settled in at the office with your second cup of morning coffee. I will hopefully be catching up on some sleep!

So if I'm not "gussied up" to leave the house for a lunch meeting, a networking event, or perusing the mall to see what's new - chances are I will be wearing something along these lines. This look has also been interchangeable with my grey suede boots and my black riding boots. The Chucks definitely give it a casual look though and they are OMG comfy. I forgot how much I loved them until recently and I'm debating on buying a classic black pair at some point.

These photos are also a reminder that I prob could stand to lose a few pounds in the middle.... Gosh darn winter weight and Granny's Christmas cookies! The last photo before the shoe close up was for laughs because it progressively got colder as I was outside! Also realizing I should have worn a lipcolor with more color/punch. Oops.


Charcoal Grey Camisole - BP.

Black Shaping Tank - Sweet Nothings (I do need to do an article on shapewear and lingerie/foundations soon!)

Black Sweater - BP.

Grey Jeggings/Skinny Jeans - Jolt (I think the grey is discontinued but the link is to the denim color.)

Sneakers - Converse (the pair online have red broken hearts instead of pink like mine)