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Keep The Red In With Quantum Riveting Reds Refreshing Conditioner

After to converting to "Team Auburn" this fall from "Team Blonde" - I've had to re-think my approach regarding washing and conditioning my hair. Maintaining the gorgeous red and auburn hues is a challenge for any faux-redhead because the molecules of the red hair dye are much larger and the size of those color molecules can result in quicker fade time. The hair shaft can't hold onto the larger molecule as well as a smaller molecule (such as a brown dye) and thus, your precious red hair dye molecules are washed down the drain.

Quantum at ShopStyle

Quantum Riveting Reds Refreshing Color Conditioner is the saving grace for keeping my short auburn locks in tip-top-color even after my dye job has surpassed the 2-month mark. This stuff has done wonders for maintaining a nice auburn glow. Is my hair color as "fresh" as week one after dying it? Well, probably not - but it's pretty darn close...  I right after I took the plunge to "Team Auburn," I did use a kit of travel sizes from Paul Mitchell's Color Protect Line that I purchased from my stylist for the first month. I'm currently using the Tresemme Color Revitalize Shampoo paired with the Quantum Riveting Reds Refreshing Conditioner.

If your hair is super dry, I may suggest using another conditioner. I read a few reviews on Sally Beauty and it said it wasn't as moisturizing. My hair type is fine and leans normal to oily. My hair definitely isn't as dry as when I was "Team Blonde" so I'm liking the change! I will continue to keep the red in with the Quantum Riveting Reds Refreshing Conditioner.