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Graphic Design, #OOTD from 01/10/11, and other randoms.

I took a mini-hiatus from blogging so I apologize for the lack of posts on Monday and Tuesday. Monday I was working on design work for a new header and logo for the blog. I am planning on transitioning back over to Blogger but I wanted to make sure I have my header and layout completely set up before I do the switcheroo on y'all. I seriously contemplated switching to Wordpress but I've seen quite a few well-done blogs on the Blogger platform and I'd prefer to not pay for hosting at the present time. Maybe in a year or two I'll switch to Wordpress if I need more options but as for now, Blogger seems to be the direction I'd like to go in since I'm rather pro-Google on many things. Here's a preview of sorts on the direction I'd like my header to go for my blog. I need to do a bit of design tweaking but here's the initial go:

And here's my outfit of the day from Monday since I spent Tuesday in my PJ's due to a major endometriosis flare up and I was a member of the #angryuterus club. Please pardon the semi-crappy expressions and goofy poses, it was hella cold outside. *brr* And the realization of "oh hey, look at that PMS flubber water weight" which explains my crappy mood all week. Gotta have a sense of humor with these things, ya know?

Sweater - Frenchi at BP. Nordstrom (kind of similar, mine is circa 2005)

Black Cami - Sweet Nothings "Get The Skinny" Cami (where do they come with the names with these things?)

Grey Suede Boots - White Mountain from South Moon Under

Jeggings - fab'rik

So now I need to hit the shower since I haven't showered for 48 hours (ewww) and make myself look presentable...  Grabbing coffee with a friend and then dinner with my old roommate and his beau tonight. Should be fun, let's just hope I feel well enough to handle it!