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Revlon DoubleTwist - A Double Suck Of A Mascara

Sorry Revlon DoubleTwist Mascara, as much as your promotional two-for-one packaging caught my eye at CVS, it doesn't live up to the hype of volume with separation. If you're looking for a drier mascara formula that produces clumpy volume with a little definition - then Revlon DoubleTwist Mascara could definitely be your go to mascara. I could probably live with this mascara if it didn't clump so much because the formula adheres to my lashes quite well (to the point of needing eye makeup remover after using my regular cleanser).  Even if I try to wipe the brush off with a tissue, it still clumps. I bought it, I gave this mascara a test run two days in a row, and promptly returned it today. Sorry Revlon, I wish I could say more good thing about your DoubleTwist Mascara but the two-for-one package deal just meant that it was twice as bad of a deal. I do have to give Revlon props for their ColorStay Eyeliner Pencil in Cocoa which is the best color I've found for filling in my brows since I turned in my blonde card and joined "Team Auburn."  Most brown brow and eye pencil pencils I've looked at have been neutral or too cool toned to fill my browns in with and very few cosmetics companies offer an auburn brown pencil.  I do like the definition from this warm toned medium brown to fill in my brows and I soften the line a bit with a small, stiff angled brush.  I am fearing that the Cocoa color might be discontinued by Revlon after looking on their site because I don't see it offered with their other colors.  If you're an auburn or a redheaded gal, please share with me your fave pencils/shadows to fill your brows - thanks!