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Smell This Sunday: L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent

Gentleman, listen up!

Men's fragrance is a delicate subject whether you're a manly man or a metrosexual with an eye for keeping yourself well groomed - you want to smell good for yourself and your mate (or your future mate if you're single). My number one men's fragrance pick is L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent. This woodsy fresh fragrance features notes of bergamot, ginger, and vetiver but it has a very clean finish and smells AMAZING on skin.  To me, this fragrance could be described as "sex in a bottle."  If a woman says it smells like "sex in a bottle" - you have to have it, right guys?  Trust me, this smells so smooth and there is something in it that works with any man's chemistry.  I am also a fan of Gucci and Hanae Mori but there's something about the L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent that is amazing!