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Makeup Monday: Cover Girl LastBlast Mascara

Two years ago, I had reviewed Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara after the advice of one of my best friends. I loved it, wrote the review, and inevitably moved onto the next mascara (for the record, I have mascara commitment issues). I tried out the waterproof version of Lash Blast earlier this summer but the tube dried out quickly and that stuff was a pain to take off even with that snazzy Lancome eye makeup remover.  So after reading everyone else's reviews that included some "holy grail" reviews, I decided to give the good ol' original Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara a try again...

If you don't like a mascara with a big fat wand and rubbery bristles, Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara may not be not your mascara of choice.  If you're looking for BIG volume and can handle a big brush, this is definitely worth giving a try.  One coat leads to beautiful, thick yet defined lashes.  Two coats leads to borderline drag queen and well three coats leads to full on drag queen with a side of glitter.  I've been wearing two coats of the Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara because I like BIG lashes.  Since I wear glasses a good portion of the time, mascara is crucial to my makeup routine because it helps my eyes stand out behind my funky frames.  I haven't noticed any issues with smudging yet...  *fingers crossed* that it stays that way!