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Standing On My Shoe Box

I aim to maintain an upbeat and positive attitude on RVAfashionista.com.  I want to write about and review things that make me happy and would potentially make my readers happy.  Happiness all around, right?  It's a well known fact that I love shoes.  However, most of the shoes I lust over on a day to day basis won't fit my feet.  I wear a 6.5 W and most shoe designers don't make shoes in wide widths.  I can sometimes find a size 7 that fits but I often have to make some sort of adjustment such as adding heel grippers or putting some sort of padding in the ball of the shoe to make my toes "scoot back a bit.  I haven't bought shoes from Endless, 6pm, or Zappos yet but I'm surprised that they do offer a fairly wide range of styles that don't look too matronly.  I'm 28 - I don't want to wear shoes that make me look 78!

I wish more shoe designers offered chic styles that come in wide width!  I love the concept of these "shoe of the month" clubs like ShoeDazzle and JustFabulous but they don't offer any wide widths.  I am a member through Shoe Dazzle but I haven't bought anything yet.  There's been a lot of shoes on there that I really liked but fearing that they won't fit.  I like the price points and the personal styling of ShoeDazzle and JustFabulous but I'm not a fan that their sizes are limited to medium widths only.  What about my wide and narrow footed sisters - can't we have chic shoes for the masses?