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Outfit of the Day 08/19/10

DRESS: Forever 21

BELT: Nordstrom (Bought it from the BP. department sometime in May when I was still working for Nordies.)

BRACELET: Forever 21 (Bought this one a couple years ago - actually from their For Love 21 store.)

EARRINGS: Vintage (Gift from my friend H from her grandmother's collection of vintage costume jewelry.)

SHOES: (Not shown but they're by Seychelles.)

Ideally, I would like to get in the habit of posting my favorite outfits or outfit ideas on a consistent basis.  I love the posts from The Coveted and from Lollie Shopping with their outfits and I'm inspired to do the same.  I was playing around with my tripod this afternoon and my Nikon point and shoot with the self timer.  I managed to get a few pics in and then *poof* I knocked my tripod down and suddenly my camera and tripod went down the back stairs of my apartment.  The tripod is OK but my camera isn't at all - the screen says "lens error" and the lens "cover" won't automatically close when I turn my camera off.  So if you're willing to donate towards me getting a new camera, that would be totally awesome.