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Makeup Monday: Sephora Collection Buildable Coverage Concealer

Dear SEPHORA COLLECTION Buildable Cover Concealer,

I want to want you.  I want to like you.  You are *almost* perfect - good color, buildable coverage, creamy yet light texture, and a fairly reasonable $16.00 price tag (for "higher end") at Sephora.  However, you bring me to tears every time I try to cover up my horrid undereye circles.  I don't know how you do what you do but it hurts and I have no choice but to return you.  I'm sorry to end our short love affair... xoxo



Concealer shouldn't make you cry.... Well, maybe if it's *that* good.  Either way, there's something in this concealer that aggravates the heck out of my eyes and turns them into a stinging, watery mess of tears.  Which kind of defeats the purpose of wearing concealer, right?  Tomorrow will be a field trip to Sephora to return it...  Hmm, at least I'll get my Beauty Insider birthday gift!  There's always a positive to a negative.