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Makeup Monday: Sephora Collection Lush Flush

Richmond, VA summers equal two things: HOT and HUMID weather with a major chance of a makeup meltdown.  I'll admit that I'm totally not a low maintenance makeup gal. I've got my "routine" but I'm willing to switch things up a bit.  Lip and cheek stains always intrigue me in the makeup aisles whether at Sephora or CVS.  The product appeal is sheer color that stays but the application method of the product doesn't always deliver great results.  I reviewed CoverGirl OutLast Lipstain a while ago - I loved the convenience of a "magic marker"-esque applicator but later discovered the product dried up easily and the marker applicator acquired an odd, uneven texture.  I went back to my usually methodology of applying a bright lipstick and blotting to  create a lipstain of sorts but not every lipstick has enough pigment for that method.  So I went back to the drawing board and the beauty aisles to discover a great two-in-one product: SEPHORA COLLECTION Lush Flush Lip & Cheek Stain.  This little tube of makeup goodness retails for $12.00 at Sephora and easily fits into your purse or pocket.  This red wine color adds buildable yet sheer coverage on both lips and cheeks.  Lush Flush swipes on like a lipgloss for lips and I'll dot it on my cheeks and blend with my fingers or sponge for a melt-proof blush.  Bonus points that this lip and cheek stain contains Red Wine Extract and antioxidants so it's good for your skin too!