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Double Dude-y: Beard Lube


Ladies, looking for those great products that do double dude-y (get it - "double duty") that your man/hubby/boyfriend can use but you can use as well? This Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave will give you and him quite possibly the best shave ever.  This product is a pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and a skin conditioner all rolled into one lightweight formula.  Wet skin, apply one pump of Beard Lube to face (or to leg), and shave.  And your DONE!  Ladies, this product rocks because you don't have to put on body lotion on your legs after you shave unless your skin is Sahara-desert dry. Men, this product is practically translucent so you can see everywhere you're shaving which is great for those of you who have goatees/mustaches/etc. Sixteen-ounces of the Beard Lube retails for $32.00 by Jack Black at Sephora and it's a $43 dollar value in comparison to their six-ounce size which retails for $16.  I prefer the pump on the larger size so I don't squeeze out too much product and overdo the Beard Lube.