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JOTD 05/22/09

Today I'm wearing my hammered silver metal cuff bracelet from Target and earrings from Need Supply Co. as my JOTD (Jewelry Of The Day). I picked up the cuff bracelet at the beginning of last year and the earrings I purchased last summer. Both pieces are "clearance goodies" that I found for under $5 apiece!What's your JOTD? Have a fabulous Friday and Memorial Day weekend!img00453

It's A Top Secret Deal!

Well, maybe it's not top secret since I'm sharing it with you. . . Either way, it's a great deal on a product you need everyday! For a whopping $5 at Target you can find this three pack of Secret Invisible Solid pH Balanced Antiperspirant/Deodorant (each is 1.6 OZ) and it also includes a mini purse size (0.5 OZ) antiperspirant/deodorant. Due to my fast-paced job, I feel that constantly breaking a sweat but the Secret Invisible Solid has 19% of the "anti-sweat" ingredient which is a higher percentage than most antiperspirant/deodorants which works great to help me "keep my cool."secretdeal

I Heart Vintage Sunglasses

Every fashionista needs a fabulous pair of sunglasses to complete her look. Luckily my favorite vintage shop Halcyon has a few pairs of great vintage shades in stock. I picked up these funky Ray Ban-esque ones retailing for $10. Who doesn't love snazzy sunglasses with flair that are a "steal" price-wise?Halcyon is located in The Fan on 117 N. Robinson Street, Richmond, VA 23220.halcyonsunglasses

Apology accepted?

Dear friends of RVAfashionista.com,Please pardon my lack of posts as of late, it's as if if my fashionista mojo muse jumped ship when I was "spring cleaning" my wardrobe and shoe collection. While spring cleaning, I acquired a new rule per one of my friends, for every pair of shoes I buy - I must rid my massive closet of a pair. It's hard for me to say goodbye to shoes because some resemble old friends. I admit I'm a bit of a packrat when it comes to my wardrobe but it sure felt good to clean out and rid my closet of things that didn't fit or were too well loved to consider wearing again.I will share my "Jewelry Of The Day" from a couple weeks ago - I need to start incorporating more of what I tweet about into more of what I should write about on here.Who doesn't love hot pink?Please e-mail me at RVAfashionista.com with ideas or follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/RVAfashionista.xoxo,Lindsay a.k.a. RVAfashionista