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CoverGirl OutLast Lipstain - "marker" this on your to buy list!

In this tough economy, a diva like myself enjoys a cheap yet chic "beauty splurge" once in a while.CoverGirl OutLast Lipstain fits the budget for around $8 and lasts for hours.The felt tip "marker-like" applicator lends to quick and easy application - color your lips in and go! The lipstain works best applied on clean, dry lips and if you desire a deeper shade, reapply after your first coat dries. I applied lip balm once the the stain dried but I also paired the lipstain with some gloss when I went out last night so it's another way to wear it. I chose Teasing Blush #415 as my color of choice, which is a "my lips but better" color (also resembles that post-smooch-fest lip color which is hard to acquire unless you've had said smooch fest). The CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain has been "field tested" through dinner and a glass of wine. I have yet to "smooch test" the CoverGirl OutLast Lipstain but I have a feeling that it will survive that too!PHOTO CREDIT: CoverGirl