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Happy Thanksgiving!

First of all, I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! We should all be thankful every day for all things great or small but Thanksgiving does remind us of all the good things in life. Lately I have a lot to be thankful for and I definitely feel very blessed! In addition to my friends and family, I am also thankful to have a job. For a number of reasons, things didn't work out at the financial planning firm I was working at the last six months. I ended up asking my old "retail gig" for a job and I am so happy they welcomed me back with open arms. So I am back to what I am doing best - sales and providing excellent customer service. It's in my heart and I feel rather silly now for leaving a company I had been with for almost five years.

Yes, retail is not easy but it is what it is and I love it! Let's just hope I "survive" Black Friday and the post-Thanksgiving weekend!


Lindsay a.k.a. RVAfashionista