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If it wasn't for Twitter...

I hopped on the Twitter bandwagon sometime at the end of spring/beginning of summer this year and now I should belong in a 12-step program for Twitter addicts - "eat, sleep, tweet." You never know who you might "meet and tweet" with and I personally believe it's a greater social networking tool than Facebook or MySpace.

So why am I going on and on about Twitter when I should be writing about beauty, fashion, clothes, jewelry, shopping, and other things of that nature? Well, if it wasn't for being friends with LucidAnna on Twitter - I wouldn't be expecting this sweet cupcake necklace in the mail soon!

Lucid New York Cupcake Necklace

I am thoroughly impressed with the selection of jewelry offered by Lucid New York and when I discovered that there would be a necklace giveaway, I said, "Yes, please." Tweet and you shall receive. So I am stoked about discovering and wearing a new jewelry line and what girl doesn't like things that sparkle?