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Never Say "Never Fail"

L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss introduced itself to the lip gloss market in late 2007 as "the first longwearing lip gloss in only one step." I have a love/hate relationship with any sort of longwear lip product. I love the concept and the idea of not reapplying "lip gunk" as frequently. I dislike the texture, the smell, the often uneven wear, the "tacky" feeling... the list goes on and on.

After purchasing the shades Coral Sands and Sangria at my local CVS one day on a whim, I've finally given them enough "test-runs" to say I'm not fond of L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss. The sixteen shades offered are gorgeous but the claim of it lasting six hours kind of throws me for a loop - maybe if you don't smile and don't talk? I happen to do a lot of both so I didn't like how it wore on my lips. I noticed the Coral Sands shade attempts to gather in the inner corners of my mouth when I smile. The Sangria shade is a nice mauve/berry color but it lacks the the initial shine of the peachy-pink Coral Sands shade.

My biggest gripe about L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss is the texture - it's a sticky, tacky feel. It stuck to my orange juice glass and then my coffee mug even after I had let the gloss set for at least a good five minutes! One of my gal pals on Twitter wanted me to give it a true "test-run" i.e. a "makeout session" but after attempting to wear this lipgloss, I wouldn't want to make anyone kiss me! This lipgloss is a big ol' FAIL. Don't say "Never Fail" because chances are it will fail.

Photo Credit: Drugstore.com