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Blogging On The Run: Stepping Out Of The Shoe Box

I am attending a "hot shoes" party tonight. I was originally planning to wear my black Jessica Simpson d'Orsay pumps but I wanted something a little more fun. On a whim, I stopped by Kohl's on my way back to town from Chester. I stumbled upon these royal blue patent shoes (I apologize for the color depiction not being 100% accurate - crappy store lighting). They wouldn't necessarily be shoes I'd instantly be drawn to but after trying them on and getting compliments from the other ladies shopping, I was SOLD! $15 and some change later, these babies are all mine. I kind of feel like Carrie Bradshaw in them but that's a good thing, right?

EDIT: If you'd like a pair of your own - Kohl's has black and grey in stock as well as yellow or white. The blue must be popular because it's not available online anymore!