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Solving a denim dilemma?

Since I am getting older (and by older, I mean that I will be 26 in less than two months), I have decided that anything "super low rise" is just not flattering on me. I have discovered I look much slimmer in my dress pants since the average rise on them is about an inch-and-half below my belly button. Unfortunately, most jeans have given me a "muffin top" because they are cut so low! I did some online shopping on my lunch break and found that Express made a "regular rise" style. I went straight to the mall after work and headed to Express to check out their denim collection. I tried on the Eva and the Stella styles but the Eva fit much better due to the regular rise! No muffin top, nice dark color, good length for heels - what more could I ask for?!?

Good jeans = happiness. I want to look skinny in my jeans and by wearing low-rise, it's not going to happen for me unless those 20 pounds magically disappear. So by raising the rise, everything is kept in place and I am a happy girl!

Where have I been?

Life's had quite the turnaround as of late, I've started a new job at a investment/wealth management firm and I love it! Right now I'm an administrative assistant but I hope to eventually work on getting my licenses so I could sell life insurance and securities in the future. Who would of thought I'd end up working in the financial industry?!? I left my job at the high school, my last day at the "big fancy department store" was on Wednesday, and I've been hired by one of my fave makeup brands to be a freelance artist for them as something to do on the side. I worked my first event for them yesterday and had a fantastic time! I ended up doing a lot of prom makeup and once I got in the flow, I did some amazing work in my opinion and one of the M.A.'s who works at that counter said to me, "I had no idea you could do eyes like that." The counter manager is definitely going to have me come back and work for him again.

So yeah, life is good.

In other news, here's how to blow over $50 at Sephora:

Laura Geller Spackle Under Makeup Primer

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Tarte Rejuvelash - This stuff is AMAZING when you want to touch up your mascara. Swipe Revujelash on and then apply a coat of your usual mascara and you are good to go. It "primes" your lashes that already have mascara on them so you can touch up your mascara without the potential of adding clumps!