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I know I'm a little late trying out LashBlast...

I finally jumped on the bandwagon and decided to try CoverGirl's LashBlash mascara. I know ChicArmoire had been using both LashBlast and Too Faced's Lash Injection. I was totally expecting her to like the Lash Injection better but the CoverGirl LashBlast was for the win and the price is way better too! I was also a bit skeptical at first about buying it due to the mixed reviews on MakeupAlley but since LastBlast was on sale at CVS last week, I figured I'd finally take the plunge since I was due for a new mascara and Chic Armoire's lashes have looked amazing lately.

So let me tell you, I am LOVIN' the LashBlast. I was afraid of having issues with the big brush but so far, so good. There's no flaking or smudging but I haven't tested it in really humid weather yet so I'll let you know once the weather warms up a bit more if it can take the heat!