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Basics On A Budget: The Cardigan Sweater

As I've approached my mid-twenty-somethings, I've tried to work on
building my wardrobe with basic, functional pieces. One of my obsessions is finding the essential cardigan. On a trip to Target this week, I found this great <a href="http://www.target.com/Cherokee-Crewneck-Cardigan-Ebony/dp/B0011E75NO/sr=1-6/qid=1204299669/ref=sr_1_6/602-2891759-0199047?
ie=UTF8&index=target&field-browse=1041790&rh=k%3ACherokee%20Crewneck%20Cardigan&page=1">cardigan sweater by Cherokee. While the online description lists the sweater as being 100% cotton, the fabric content is actually cotton with a touch of nylon and Lycra spandex which will help keep it's shape. The sweater is a basic 3/4-sleeve, crew-neck style that buttons up the front. I've always been a fan of 3/4-sleeve sweaters because I am
petite (5'1") and most sweaters have terribly long sleeves. Of course I bought this sweater in black but I think I will probably purchase the white and pink ones as well. You can't beat the price either, a basic style for under $20!

PHOTO CREDIT: Target.com