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Oh, I love shopping in NoVA...

Today I was at Tyson's Corner for a training seminar, so of course my coworkers and I had to take a quick detour on the way home to Potomac Mills. Browsed at the Rack for a bit, picked up a pair black leather Reef flip-flops and a handful (ok, five pairs) of the Hanky Panky low-rise thongs in some cute color combos.

I tried to be persuasive and convince everyone that we should stop by Steve & Barry's as well because I wanted to check out the Bitten line by Sarah Jessica Parker. Unfortunately, that idea didn't work. I am thinking to instead drive up to northern Virginia on Saturday and make a day of shopping and scoping out what's going to be hot for spring since now is the time that the spring goodies start rolling in...

Lazy Sunday Blogging...

So I'm sitting here with Queen Helene's Mud Pack Masque drying on my face and pondering what to write about... I normally do blog with a focus or a plan in mind.

*ta-da* My focus has been achieved. But first, let me go wash this mask off!

. . .

So as "old school" as this sounds, I've started using Pond's Cold Cream. This stuff is amazing at removing mascara and eyeliner! My eyes are on the sensitive side and most eye makeup removers sting/burn/hurt like crazy. I use the cold cream with a baby wipe (the Target fragrance free ones) to help loosen up all the mascara. Followed by my favorite Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Soap from Lavender Fields Farm, I have a clean face!

. . .

Now since my face mask is off, my skin looks a bit clearer and the pores on my nose aren't as noticeable (which is always a plus). I definitely will let you all know if I still like the Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque in a few weeks.

Happy Sunday!

Blogging On The Run: This is why I've been on a blog hiatus.

I've escaped from the blogging world the last few weeks. Why? My roommate/gay husband and I adopted two adorable four-month-old kittens we've named Olive and Feta. So I've been been in "Mommy mode" towards my new babies. The incredibly bad but still cute photo is of Olive perched on my shoulder this afternoon. While this post really doesn't contain any real beauty or fashion info, I did get my brows done yesterday. They're a bit thinner than usual but I'm liking them so far. Hopefully I can get to writing a "real" post later tonight or tomorrow since I'm off all weekend? I admit it's been nice to relax though...

Thank you BellaSugar and Sephora!

I've started reading BellaSugar on a consistent basis (and by consistent, I mean EVERY DAY). One of the perks of reading BellaSugar is the Sephora sponsored giveaways to win fabulous beauty prizes. Saturday's giveaway was Murad Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15 and I happened to be the lucky winner! This eye cream is a 2006 Best Of Sephora winner and I can't wait to try it out as soon as it arrives in the mail. I'm always on the hunt for my "holy grail" eye cream so I'm hoping this could be it?


I'm in Richmond Magazine!

I'm featured in the February issue of Richmond Magazine about dating in Richmond!

A big thanks goes out to Kate Andrews for writing such an awesome article. Trust me, dating in Richmond is no easy task!