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Sephora is my anti-drug.

Today I did a bit of retail therapy at Sephora. I swear that I could spend hours in that place! I decided to splurge on a new concealer and I picked out the Vincent Longo Concealer/Illumina Pencil - Light #1. Since good brushes are an investment to any makeup collection, I picked up Sephora Brand Professional Platinum Bronzer Brush #48 to mainly use with my loose face powders. I can see a lot of potential uses with this brush in addition to applying and buffing in my face powder: M.A.C. Mineralized Skin Finishes, M.A.C. Pigments (as blushes and to contour), bronzer, etc. I do own two of the mini M.A.C. kabuki brushes that came out with the Pearlizer sets last summer and they're great for detail work especially for creating cheekbones but sometimes I want a bigger brush (but not too big of a brush).

I also picked up a couple goodies at The Body Shop but I'll post about those tomorrow!

. . .

In other news, I went into Forever21 and one of the sales associates was so rude and had this "I don't want to be here" aura about her. I would have bought something there but I had a hard time finding my size so I think I'll shop off their website instead. If I go into a store and I see a sales associate with arms crossed, I am inclined to take a quick look at the merchandise and to walk back out. I guess after working in retail all these years, I like friendly and approachable salespeople. If your body language tells me to go away, I'm not buying anything!